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Assorted Indy Skins

Well, well, here we have another set of Indiana Jones skins! This time though, by a different author; Dagnarus "Ganrok". This time...


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File Description

Well, well, here we have another set of Indiana Jones skins! This time though, by a different author; Dagnarus "Ganrok".

This time the skins are of a slightly more unusual variety, in that they aren’t based off of the Indy from the films, but rather have been customised.

There are quite a few skins in this pack, some of them fairly close to the original Indy, but re-coloured, grey and black for instance, which actually looks pretty good. Kinda like a stealth Indy. ;) Others though are rather more…colourful! Included is a purple and leopard skin Indy, also featuring a zebra skin pattern shirt! Striking indeed! Also, there is a kind of ‘cow boy’ style Indy, with a cow print waistcoat, check shirt and jeans. Though, since I’m not American, and have never seen a cowboy in the flesh…I cannot say whether cowboys actually wear such clothing. It’s colourful though, that’s for sure!

Being an Englishman, as far as clothing stereotypes go, I have more of an affinity for pinstripe suits and bowler hats…ehem, but anyway, moving swiftly on…

Personally my favourite skin out of the pack was the ‘crocodile dundee’ style Indy, honestly, he’s a dead spitting image, right down to the ring of teeth on his hat!

All in all an eclectic but nicely varied mix of Indiana Jones re-skins here, which I’m sure will appeal to a wide variety of people, whether they live in the Australian outback, are a cowboy or just like zebra print shirts and purple and leopard skin jackets…

Give this file a download if it catches your attention!

New Sounds: No Bot Support: No Team Support: Yes


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Title			:Assorted indys

AUTHOR                  :Dagnarus "Ganrok"			

Modeling/Sound	        :majorclod

File Name/File Size	:dags_indy.pk3 (2.91 Mb)

Released		:may 2008

Description: This model pack contains assorted 
 Indiana Jones reskins: a Dino hunter, a Pimp, Sheriff Woody, 
 and a 50's gangster with a black indy

*********Important Note...READ FIRST!!!!!!**********
not all varients are on the main selection page.  Some varients
are on the blue and red team pages.  varients can to be spawned using the 
"console command" (see below).

******************************READ THIS BEFORE PLAYING***************************************

	Place Dags_indy.pk3 into the "StarWars JediKnight Jedi Academy/GameData/basefolder".


To access extra clone varients:
	Open up the command console while pushing the shift and ~ (tild) keys together, then enter either of these commandlines to access the skins manually.
	model dags_indy
	model dags_indy/red
	model dags_indy/blue

	model dags_indy2
        model dags_indy4
Team Colors: yes
Bot Support: no
NPC Support: No

Special thanks:
	To loda for inspiring some of the skins.

***Trouble shoot***

Usually there are only a few errors that cause problems. Here are the most common...	
1) Not using the proper console commands for "Single Player" or "Multiplayer"... cheats are acivated differently for each. Read "Instructions" up above.
2) Having the pk3 placed in the wrong folder.
3) Make sure you have the latest Jedi Knight Academy update, this is very important!
4) Make sure you have removed any older versions of this model.
5) sometimes the model will not show up in the select menu, The Game loads them in reversed alphabetical order, so Yoda should show up in the top. If not you may just have too many models. You can rename the pk.3 to Z_CloneUltima, and this will put it at the top.

CREDITS: All credits go to majorclod for the Indiana Jones model.

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