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Attack Cruiser

Well, I like the idea behind this map. It's a space map based on an attack cruiser. It's got the basics that you need. The attack cruiser...


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Well, I like the idea behind this map. It's a space map based on an attack cruiser. It's got the basics that you need. The attack cruiser has a bridge, a big elevator, and a hangar, along with some extras, including a pilot's lounge. I noticed the lounge had a few missing texture issues, but I didn't include screenshots, feeling that the ones the author sent in were good enough. Just for future notice, if you send in a map, you don't have to send in screenshots. We'll generally take screenshots for you.

The hanger hit me a a recreation of a Battlefront II hangar, which isn't a bad thing. There were about three ships to choose from: a jedi starfighter, a X-Wing or a Z-95. I was under the impression that this was an Imperial vessel. Where are the TIE fighters and bombers? Well that doesn't matter. One of my big dislikes in this map is the actual ship itself. It doesn't look like a good attack cruiser. The author has the vertical outline of a star destroyer done pretty good, but it's just not big enough. You have a huge hangar and the rest of the ship looks like it was made to hold the hangar, and it looks like it's straining to do so. Also, I found a bug. If you go down towards the tip of the cruiser and land your fighter, you can get out and walk around. neat, huh? Yes, but it takes away some realism. So my biggest buff against this map is the ship design. Big deal, most of you probably won't care.

I have one other thing. The lighting. There looks to be next to none. With this in mind, I could barely see anything unless I increased the brightness of my screen. Yes, it's that dark. I could barely see anything in the map. It needs at least some light to see by.

This map needs a lot of improvement, but if the author does improve it, I think it could become a very fun map. Oh, and one thing, if this is an attack cruiser, put some turbolasers on the bottom of the ship. ;)

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        Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
        TITLE: attack_cruiser
        AUTHOR: LuB	
        E-MAIL: lu8@gmx.net
        WEBSITE: http://www.lub-inc.de.vu

        FILENAME: attack_cruiser.pk3
        FILESIZE: 10.467 kb
        DATE RELEASED: 23 August 2005

        INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: extract attack_cruiser.pk3 and jsfighter.pk3 to your gamedata/base folder.

        BUGS: there are some texture-bugs


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