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Finally I got a chance to try out this much talked about mod - Attack of the Clones: Total Conversion. At first glance, you might not be imp...


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Finally I got a chance to try out this much talked about mod - Attack of the Clones: Total Conversion. At first glance, you might not be impressed, but you have to remember that this is just a demo - and an early demo, at that.

You might recognize a few features from other mods. There's a profanity filter, like the one found with xMod. It also has RGB sabers, which offers quite a bit of variety. There's an illegal macro/script detection and deletion thingy. You can't use force while saber down (I'm sure that feature can be toggled on and off), admins can teleport someone by name, not just by origins. So there's a lot of stuff here that should make admins very happy. :)

There are new gametypes and all of the JK2 gametypes. There's an Anti-Lag system and there's a file that stores banned IP's, much like in the JA/JAR mod. Probably the coolest new feature is weather control. You can add lightning, rain and a sandstorm all at once. :) From what I understand, this is like, the mod to end all mods. ;) There are more gametypes that will be added and there's a ton of other stuff you can expect in later releases. Keep at it guys! Great work!


Ps. This review is like, dedicated to Plague, for no particular reason - except that he asked that I dedicate a review to him. ;)

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Attack of the Clones Total Conversion: 
Smart A.I. - These bots will surprise you! 
New saber looks and clash effects. 
New gametypes. 
Many new lightsaber saber stances. 
New spawning system to allow multiple spawns at a single spawn point. (mainly for co-op). 
Server Auto-Administration - Force players to obey saber down rule automatically. 
“xMod” style profanity filter (words stored in external “profanity.lst” file) 
Duelers Mod style macro scanning for illegal binds and scripts. Stop cheats! 
All Game types (including those from JK2) are fully enabled. 
New Anti-Lag system. (mod_AntiLag) 0 = OFF, 1 = Weapons & Force Only, 2 = Saber & Weapons & Force. 
External File (banIP.dat) stores ip addresses banned from the server.
Changes in alpha 3: 
OJP - Droideka support. 
New splash screen and menu loading screens. 
New music from the Attack of the Clones Saga. 
Random weather occurance in offical Jedi Academy map. 
gmtele - to teleport to any desired (x, y, z) location. 
gmorigin - to extract a clients current (x, y, z) location. 
gmgametype - command executes a gametype and map change in a single command. 
gmvstr - executes a desired "vstr" labeled in your map rotation script. 
gmnextmap - executes the next map in your map rotation script. 
New movie sequences from aotc embedded in menus. 
Support for 64+ vehicles. 
Dozens of bug fixes to basejk. 
New loading screens and Start-up Screen. 
New Siege Timer Display. 
Changes in alpha 2: 
New campain system for RPG, COOP and Siege with saved player stats over the campain. 
Admin (Game Master/Game Keeper) commands. 
New Auto-Admin (mod_autoadmin). 
Multi-Duels. (mod_multiduel) 
Ability to let users connect without a download (mod_noForcedModDownload). Also disables extra stances. 
Saber locks in FFA, TEAM, and other gametypes if required (mod_saberlockffa). 
Started work on new crystals subgametype. 
New atmospheric effects (Rain & Lightning Storm). 
Added rain to duel map. (Bespin Courtyard) 
Enhanced new spawn area system. 
Fixed special moves and katas for each new stance. 
Co-op now spawns jedi only after initial map's npcs. 
AI improvements to both bots and NPCs. Including ignoring players with saber down. 
New main menu and console screens. 
Ability to filter server list by mod at connection screen. (All current JA mods supported). 
Co-Op (single player) maps now come up in the create server list. 
Other small changes.
Changes in alpha 1: 
New sub-gametypes. (See below) 
New spawn area system. Play single player maps without telefrags. 
A.I. now uses a LOT less CPU time! 
RGB saber system now switches off properly. 
Brand new RGB color saber system. (like old jk2 TCK). 
A.I. has been improved and now uses less CPU as well. 
New taunt menu system. Use any of a skin's NPC style taunts. (talk like an NPC) 
Fixed a bug with the saber NPC's. 
New saber glow and core shaders. (To become TCK style blade colors) 
Saber glow and blur defaults changed.
cg_saberBlurRadius (Saber's glow radius) 
cg_saberCoreRadius (Saber's core radius) 
mod_AntiLag (Anti-Lag the game! 0 = OFF, 1 = Weapons & Force Only, 2 = Saber & Weapons & Force.) 
mod_siegecampain (Use campains and saved stats in Siege. ON "1" or OFF "0") 
g_gameMasterPassword (Game Master Password) 
g_gameKeeperPassword (Game Keeper Password) 
mod_autoadmin (Auto-Admins the server) 
mod_saberlockffa (0 normal, 1 team+ffa+duels, 2 Any gametype) 
mod_multiduel (Allow multiple duelists at once) 
mod_noForceModDownload (0 users need to download and all stances, 1 users dont need to download and standard stances only) 
bot_thinklevel (CPU to use for bot AI. valid -1 to 6) 
rgb_saber (RGB sabers ON "1" or OFF "0") 
bot_randomsabercolors (Bots select random saber colors. ON "1" or OFF "0") 
mod_maxnpcs (Maximum number of NPCs to spawn in FFA/TEAM) 
mod_subgametype (0 = Normal, 1 = Rancor, 2 = Co-Op+, 3 = Attack+, 4 = RPG+, 5 = Assassin+, 6 = Crystals+) + = Incomplete.
Admin(Game Master/Game Keeper) Commands: 
gmlogin (Login as a Game Master or Game Keeper) 
gmstats (Display a list of players and their stats) 
gmplayers (Display a list of players and their stats - same as above) 
gmteleto (Teleport to a player) 
gmkick (Kick a player) 
gmweather (Add weather to a map)
To use the NPC taunts, use "/bind vchat" at the game console (SHIFT-~).

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