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Wade's review of the first version of this mod: One thing I hate is kill trackers when people leave them on so for most of the ga...


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Wade's review of the first version of this mod:

One thing I hate is kill trackers when people leave them on so for most of the game all you see is [IMA]BigBoy you are the 9th person I've killed Anyway this takes out some of the better aspects of most kill trackers and puts them all into one little application for JA.

It works on the same principle as kill trackers watching the console to see what happens and so on and then replies to a few things accordingly, you can set messages for:

Duel Engage

Duel Lost

Duel Won

Greeting - when someone enters the server

Self inflicting death - killing yourself

On self enter - when you first go into a server

Time/Frag limit - when the game ends

This program isn't perfect - whoever chose that green color must be colorblind - but it means you can have auto replies if that's the kind of thing you also means you can automatically be nice and courteous on servers without having to actually type anything - no one will know and you'll come across nicer!

I suppose the biggest change I see for this little application is the color. I'm guessing that Accident took Wade's comment about the green color to heart and changed it to a dark blue. It is a bit easier on the eyes. I never used the app myself, so I can only tell you the changes from what the readme says. The Auto Replier is a good replacement for Kill Trackers, if you want something for auto messages and for running your WinAmp. There's also a minimizer included, so you can toss your other minimizers into your recycle bin.

It's nice to see an application that combines so many things into one, so you can save on space and save on running so many programs at once. The only bug I recall was that you could really increase the amount of spam in a server by typing something like "AmosMagee has entered the server" and the auto replier would kick in. I believe Nikita (one of my admins for the JK3Files server) showed me that bug. Gah. Can't stand spam like that. Anyway, it seems that Accident fixed that bug, though he didn't elaborate on it in the readme, so I'm not sure.


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Auto Replier Readme

File Name:		Auto Replier 1.1 
Developer: 		[LC] accident
Build Date:		Tuesday Febuary 3, 2004
Email: 			[email protected]
Installation:		Extract all the files to the same location. Anywhere you prefer. You will need the VB6 runtime files	
Comments:		If you find any bugs or have suggestions email me or contact me on msn ([email protected]) or by email.

What's new in V1.1
-New MP3/WAV/WMA Player
-Anti Hello Spam
-Auto Name Detection


How To Use:
You can enter any messages into the Duel engage, duel won, and duel lost. TO do colors you would use the ^3 and whatnot characters.
Type %d to insert the person your dueling into the message, and type %s to insert your name into the message (although I dont see why you would want to use %s)
You can save and load the messages to wherever u want by using the file menu.
In the customize messages menu, you can enable/disable any of the custom messages you want. In the greeting message, you can insert %d for the person who entered the game.

You can load saved files from in game by typing !load <filename>
So for example lets say I saved a file as main.arp  I could load this file from in game by typing !load main   (do not type in the .arp)

Click the Playlist button to set up a Playlist.
You can add a whole folder of songs by clicking the folder button, or a single song at a time by the song button. 
You can save your playlist by clicking the corresponding button.
When you start the program, it will automatically load the saved playlist.

In Game Commands

*Note, dont type the <> part in any of the following commands, this is just to show where the user input is required.

!load <filename> ---> Loads the file that has the replies. So for example lets say I saved a file as main.arp  I could load this file from in game by typing !load main   (do not type in the .arp)
!replyOff ---> turns off the program
!replyon ---> turns the program on
(Note: the program is initally in 'On' state)

!listsongs ---> Lists all the songs in playlist. Please note, this command is a bit buggy and will sometimes clear the console after doing this. Also, the columns are kinda messy :/
!play <part of song name> ---> Will play the song you typed. You can type !play auth  to start the song "Points Of Authority". Also, just typing !play on its own will bring it out of pause state.
!pause ---> Pauses the current song. type !play to start it again
!stop ---> Stops the playback of the current song.
!next ---> Goes to the next song in the playlist.
!prev ---> Goes to the previous song in the playlist.
!vol <#> ---> To change the volume. 0 is the lowest, and 20 is the loudest. The program defaults to 10

!mini ---> minimizes the game instantly. A button will appear on the main form for you to press to return you back to the game.

Brent Douglas. This guy provided the code on how to actually communicate with the quake 3 console.. I just had to modify it so it would communicate with
JKA's. Without him, I would not of been able to do this.

I would also like to thank [LC] TK-8252 for helping me test the crap out of my program. We went threw endless duels and whatnot to get it working.
He also was the one who told me to make it:p
Also, I would like to thank all the clients on the server that I was testing my program for baring with me for the endless spam I went threw to test the different commands.

Known Bugs:
THis program is not programed for the XMOD admin mod servers. XMOD has changed some of the duel win and lose messages, and my program does not interpret them. However, all the rest of the commands should work fine.
This program works fine under base servers, ja+ servers, and JAR servers.

Sometimes the program will do /clear in the console many times. Just give it a few seconds and it should stop.

If you find any bugs, please inform me of them and ill try to fix them.

Legal Stuff:
I am in no way responsible for any harm this program may cause, even
though the odds of that happening are insignificant. You may freely
distribute the EXE, so long as this ReadMe remains with it, intact, and
This program is not supported by id, RavenSoft, or LucasArts.

Jedi Academy is a trademark of Raven Software,

Star Wars Jedi Knight are trademarks of LucasArts Entertainment/LucasFilm Inc

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