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Ahh the good old Sniper Rifle, the bane of players on many a game…your just walking along peacefully, then…BAM, your dead! :P Well th...


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Ahh the good old Sniper Rifle, the bane of players on many a game…your just walking along peacefully, then…BAM, your dead! :P Well the trusty Disruptor Rifle, the JKA equivalent of a sniper rifle has been given a make over, so now it actually looks more like a real world sniper rifle!

First off, lets have a look at the new model. It does indeed look like a sniper rifle, it has the long barrel, and the huge optical scope for finding your target. It’s a fairly simple model, but it looks good in my opinion. The texturing also looks pretty good, although the textures in some areas don’t seem to fit together quite right, such as on the back half of the gun. Definitely something to work on there, try and make sure the textures fit as well as possible on the model.

The weapon doesn’t include new effects – they are the same as the default disruptor rifle effects – but it does include new, more sniper rifle like sounds which fit well.

Overall a good job here, although like I said, I feel the texturing could do with some improvement. Other than that, keep up the good work mate. :)

If you guys like the look of this, then give it a download!

New Model: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Effects: No


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10th October 2008
AWP Commando Rifle
Created by Techno Logical
Build Time: 1 week (give or take)
File Size:666kb

This is my first game mod, basically it replaces the Tenloss DXR-6 Disruptor rifle in the game with a AWP Snimper rifle. The model is completely custom made with the skins sourced from various online resources. I would like to thank however  JaKaL as the arm texture featured with the model was just to brilliant to pass up not putting it on my own design, it also provided me with the inspiration to create a weapon mod of this kind.

The model uses custom sounds sourced from actual recordings of the weapon which really give the user the feel that they are using a high powered rifle. It still uses the old effects though as I was unsure how to go about editing them. Anyhow, seeing as this is my first mod, please send some feedback from any users of this mod.

Email me at


Custom Sounds
Custom textures (except for the arm)
First Person Animation
Replaces disruptor rifle
Custom strings
Updated Hud and interface

Known Issues

The model still uses the old effects from the disruptor rifle (laser flash) and during the first person animation a small portion of the arm becomes invisible. It is a fairly simple problem but since the animation was causing me soo much stress I decided to leave it be. Also, if you are using any other mods that edit the english.str file, their names may be reverted to the default setting.


Add the AWP_Commando.pk3 to your jediknight "base" directory usually found in:
C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Jedi Knight Jedi AcademyGameDatabase
To uninstall simply delete the pk3.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to  JaKaL for the brilliant arm skin and to Raven/Lucasarts for creating such a prime game.

Legal Issues

Lucasarts, Raven and Activision do NOT support the use of this file in any way
and neither they, nor I will be held responsable for any errors it may cause

I have run extensive tests and i have encountered no problems in using
this file apart from the bugs stated above!!!

Please feel free to edit and/or improve this mod and include it in any mod you are making, just leave me some credit for making the model and include this readme.


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