I was trying to compare this to both Dak's original Leela model and SaberGirl's reskin, and I find that between the two, not much new work h...


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I was trying to compare this to both Dak's original Leela model and SaberGirl's reskin, and I find that between the two, not much new work has been done other than recoloring. This is a better model to do recolors on, though, because it looks more original than on some other models. Even so, as I said that's about all we're getting here.

I'm going to take a moment to describe the physics behind boot hilighting. First of all let me mention that the boot hilighing on most of these skins is pink. Is that a big problem? No. Unless you take into account that theoretically those boot hilights are caused by the lighting, because the boots are black. Therefor, assuming the lighting in a given map is normal/white, the hilights should be white as well. The only way you'd get pink hilights is if your lights were pink. Am I being way too picky? Probably. It's just that changing the hilight color is a telltale sign of recoloring.

As I said, most of these skins are simple recolors of either Dak's original skins, or SaberGirl's reskins. I don't see much original here, and some of the recolors seem to have poor image quality, most likely because of the fact that they were original black, and have now been super-contrasted to a white or light pink color. It's not a bad pack, just lacking a little in technique and creativity. A decent start, though, so next time I'll expect to see something a little more in-depth.

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

TITLE: Ayala (version 2)


E-MAIL: ayala2525@comcast.net

FILENAME: AyalaV2.pk3


DATE RELEASED: September 7, 2005

Programs Used:  Photoshop 6.0, PakScape, WinRAR 3.50

Installation Instructions:  Place the file AyalaV2.pk3 in the base directory in your Jedi Academy folder.

Hello everyone.  This is a reskin of SaberGirl's personal Leela skin pack for Jedi Academy.
I loved SaberGirl's Leela skin pack, but I wanted to have a skin of my own and wanted to 
add a bit of my own personality to this great skin.  This is my first attempt at skinning, 
so I didn't do too many changes, just brighten up the skins, tailor the skins to my liking and 
change the sounds a bit.  I used only one hair model, the pony tail, well, because I liked it best.
After getting some good reviews from my friends, I decided to release it publicly, since there's 
probably a lot of other girls out there who have a hard time finding a good female skin that's 
not overused.  The sounds are a compilation from various female skins, including SaberGirl's Leela 
version, Mars Marshall's (aka NeoMarz) Serra Keto skin and probably one or two others that I 
have forgotten.  I hope you like it.

There are team colors, but no bot support.  There are also no known bugs at this time.  If you find any, 
please let me know.

To uninstall, just delete the AyalaV2.pk3 file from the base directory.

I received permission to release this from the original model maker, Dan Kapphahn (DAK, a.k.a Antizac),
to whom credit of the original model goes.

Credit also goes to SaberGirl who obviously put a lot time and effort in the making the original skin pack.
I unfortunately was unable to contact her prior to releasing this skin pack.

Finally, I also have to give credit to a friend of mine named Ghesh.  He orginially reskinned the Leela
model for me.  He answered a lot of skinning questions I had as I proceeded to redo the skin he made me. 
Without his help, I would have never been able to start and finish this project.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the above email address.


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