Something about clan skins makes them so unappealing. It’s like, why release it to people not in your clan? To be fair though, there are som...


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Something about clan skins makes them so unappealing. It’s like, why release it to people not in your clan? To be fair though, there are some nice clan skins out there that demonstrate some effort. Most unfortunately, this just isn’t quite one of them.

Take the female human species. Use some Microsoft Paint to get the arms and legs all dark, add a straight color ninjamask, and scribble some stuff on the front. Tadaa! We have a clan skin. And unfortunately, that’s all there is to this skin. Sure, there are team skins… ….That just recolor the arms and legs to straight blue and red. I know it's a first skin, but that doesn't mean that we can just be simple. It doesn't hurt to take a risk and add some dirt and stuff to the body. Or scars. Or scratches. The small details are what make a skin, and this has none.

There are new sounds, too. Unfortunately, they are fuzzy and not quite realistic. Ugh. If you are in this girl’s clan, then I suppose you want this skin.

Bots: No Team Colors: Yes New Sounds Yes


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{CoA}Azaer[Kh] Skin
Simple readme, i do not wish to get to detailed...this is just basically a skin i use for myself personally to represent me in my Clan,the Children of Azaelia,a local Freebooters Guild located in South East Asia. 

its a simple reskin of the human female jedi in-game. okay so this is my first time skinning and obviously im proud that im even able to make this work. i used another skin by a author (whom i forgot) and the file was called as reference.

How to use
its a dumb enough question but for general necessity,put it into your JKA  gamedata/base folder to work it. then the skin will be selectable in the profile menu of your game.

Okay,im not sure if anyone of you are gonna be pleased or anything, but i am pleased,my boyfriend's pleased,my friends say its moderately good work. nuf said,i dont care if no one gives me credit for this since it (to professional skinners) may look like some serious piece of **** with no effort put in.

Template: Human Jedi Female by Raven
Original Skin: Girl Jedi JL by (i forgot)
Done by: Shalaiin Chua aka {Coa}Azaer[Kh]

Contact me at: 

and look through my art page while you're at it:

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