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Bail Akrase

Bail Akrase...A GALAK RESKIN I SEE! To go on a slight tangent, I must say Galak was my favorite foe in Jedi Outcast simply because he fough...


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Bail Akrase...A GALAK RESKIN I SEE! To go on a slight tangent, I must say Galak was my favorite foe in Jedi Outcast simply because he fought in a mech suit. Anyway, onto this skin.

This submission was an author's roleplay skin. In general, it is very basic, with a toned down gray and the removal of any imperial symbols. It's nothing incredibly impressive, but I enjoyed its conservative look. I never really expected people in RP life to have 300 glowing sparkles on their suits. Not that I've actually seen this phenomenon, but it's basically a comparison to the overflare of some RP skins.

Anyway, there's not much done to the skin. There are team skins, but they're basically just a red or blue outline on the torsos. The soundset was pleasant, although I've no clue where they came from. I assume the KOTOR series, though I've never played it and refuse to play it. Call me a heretic or what you will, I will still remain triumphant! *clasps hands together and grins*

By the way, note to you David, no .bmp...I was courteous enough to grant you a jpg pic, but next time I will not be so forgiving...

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- Averus Retruthan

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Darth David's Bail Akrase skin README


Bail Akrase skin
by Darth David

sept. 19, 2006

credits go to raven for making the model, LucasArts for the taunt/death/
falling/hurt sounds, and ::JEDI:: server which inspired me to be and to
create Bail Akrase.
To install, unzip zip file and place bail_akrase.pk3 in your base directory
(default C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base)
This skin is based on my character from ::JEDI:: server. I thought the
skin looked cool, so I decided to show it to all you wonderful people.
this skin has a couple bugs. the only ones i could find were that when
you try to view the icon for the red player skin FROM THE SKIN SELECTION
MENU the game crashes. this could be prevented by choosing some other character
then in the console type /model bail/red.
also, sometimes the teeth show. this is kind of creepy since the teeth
are very white and are right under the bright glowing cyan eyes.
SHADERS- i wanted to put in shaders for the eyes but i have no clue how
to make a shader. if anyone could tell me that would be great.
MINOR ERRORS- this is my first skin, so any kind of help would be 
appreciated, just email me. but PLEASE dont fill up my inbox with things
like 'oh the the skin tones on the face arent exactly alike' or
'facial hair doesnt line up exactly' or 'that doesnt look like a scar'.
i am aware of these minor errors that are to be expected of a first-time
skinner. also, please dont email me about the bugs listed above, unless 
its about how to fix them.


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