Bar Stop Over

Well here we have a small duel map, where everything but the floor is breakable! Yes that includes the walls and dueling pad outside, and ev...


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Well here we have a small duel map, where everything but the floor is breakable! Yes that includes the walls and dueling pad outside, and even the ceiling! Only the main floor you can’t break. I spose if you are going to have a duel on the pad outside you better be careful you don’t jump, otherwise, when you land, you will go right through, and into oblivion below!

This is a fairly simple map, and there is a lot that needs working on here. I think this mapper might be just starting out, so this map isn’t too bad. I remember when I first started I liked a lot of breakable things too. I should really put more of them in my maps! You could certainly have some fun and interesting duels in a map where 99% of things are breakable!

Oh and the level shot is pretty cool too!

But like I said there are still a lot of things that need working on, and if you keep mapping you will keep getting batter at it mate :) As they say, practice makes perfect!

Now, for some of the things that could be improved upon.

I said earlier that if you fell through the floor you would fall into oblivion…however, its not quite oblivion, this is one of the things that needs working on, in this map. When you fall through, you just fall to the floor of the skybox below. Try looking on the forums here (there is a link to them on the bar at the left side of your screen on this site) for some suggestions on how to make a trigger entity that will kill you when you fall in. You could also try looking at that is also a good place to ask questions about mapping.

One other thing is the skybox. It looks like you have just textured it with the sky textures. To make a proper, cool looking skybox you need to find the proper sky shader to use. Open the texture list in GTK Radiant and look for the Skies texture folder on the list. Next find the sky that you like (for example, Bespin), then look for the little blue box that has SKY written on it in black letters. Make sure that the one you find has the name of the sky you want to use written above it, like Bespin. Then texture all the INSIDE faces of your skybox with this texture.

To select just one face of something press CTRL and SHIFT and LEFT CLICK. That will select just one face, which you can then texture :) I hope this was of some help to you mate, and to any other new mappers that are reading this ;)

I hope to see more maps from you soon, keep up the mapping! :)

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE**: Bar Stop Over
WEBSITE: (none)

FILENAME: BSO_duel.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 13 november 2005

CREDITS**: I would give credits to anyone whose work I used or borrowed, including graphics and models (or any type of voice acting or in-game acting, for videos). 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: put the pk3 file in your base directoty....

DESCRIPTION**: A map where everything is breakable except the floor your standing on...

BUGS: youll sometimes survive if you fall in the pit.... 

COMMENTS: none!!!


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