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Pasty Heads, Star Trek has got them – in the form of Klingons – and, not to be left out, Star...


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Pasty Heads, Star Trek has got them – in the form of Klingons – and, not to be left out, Star Wars has its own Pasty Heads too; in the form of the Kel Dor! Yep, those guys have heads that look good enough to eat! Ermmm… or maybe not!

Anyway, here we have a new skin pack by Xhuzan_Tzu, the featured character of which is called Bara Tzu and is the authors own personal Star Wars character. There are three skins included in this pack, each with a separate purpose behind them. So lets have a look at the first one; the Training Robes skin to begin with.

As you would expect, these training robes are simple and look light, as you would expect training robes to be. As the author says in the readme, this skin is in the style of the Baran Do style robes that the Kel Dor sometimes wear. Next up we have the skin featuring the Ceremonial Robes that Bara Tzu would use in his role as a Jedi Consular. These robes look much more ornate than the last, with some gold areas across the shoulder and chest, mixed with some red and blue further down near the waist.

Ohh dear…This isn’t good, I’m starting to sound like some kind of fashion designer now! :eek:

Ehem, anyway, the last skin features Bara Tzu’s Mission Robes, which he would of course wear on a mission. These look much more armoured, as you can see from the screenshots below. The author says in his readme:

It should be noted that the battle armor is a mixture between standard issue Jedi armor and some of his own Baran Do monk-like leather armors, as some of Bara's Force powers require a direct attunement with natural forces and the metals of the Jedi armor restrict them to some degree.

Personally, the mission robes were my favourite skin, with the training robes coming a close second. I really liked the look of the armour on the mission robes, especially the armour over the shoulders, and the armour gauntlet on one side giving the skin an interesting asymmetry.

There are a few issues which came to my attention though. The main one is that these skins are not available from the skin selection menu – you have to type the skin commands in manually in the console. The author says in his readme that they are ‘hidden’ presumably because they are his personal skins. Though it doesn’t really make sense why you would want to release your skins to the community, and yet not make them easily accessible from the main menu. Mind you, that’s just my opinion, other people may disagree. It might just be that I don’t properly understand the authors reasons. Anyway, the other thing I think could be added are team skins. Even though this is a personal skin, I always think team skins are a worthwhile addition if you intend to release your skin to the public.

Besides those things though, these are three nicely done re-skins, and as I said above I especially like the armoured mission robes. A nice bonus is that this pack also uncludes a new lightsaber hilt; a reskinned version of one of the Zefex sabers by Klasal K. The style of the saber fits nicely with the skins and I think this was a cool addition to the pack.

That about wraps it up, so if you guys like the look of these skins, be sure to give it a download! :)

New Sounds: No Bot Support: No Team Support: No


*Note* To use these skins in-game, bring down the console and type the following commands (depending on which skin you want to use. /model tzu/training - For the Training Robes. /model tzu/dress - For the Ceremonial Robes. /model tzu/mission - For the Mission Robes.

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Download '' (6.54MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Title: Jedi Lord Bara Tzu - Version 1.0
Author: Xhuzan_Tzu -

Date Released: February 22, 2009

Bara Tzu is my personal Star Wars character, a Kel Dor from the
Star Wars: Dark Forces thru Star Wars: Legacy time period.  Bara Tzu
has become one of few Jedi Knights to have resurrected the title of 
"Jedi Lord" from antiquity, due to his prominent status of nobility
he acquired through his diplomatic workings on many planets.  He
takes the title, not out of superiority, but rather to shrug off
other loftier titles he has been offered by the silver-tongued

Bara Tzu is a Baran Do Sage turned Jedi, who has a rich history
which has played out through various gaming clans and academies
which I have been a part of over the years with Jedi Knight II and 
Jedi Academy.

I began the project of finally portraying this character as a JK:JA 
skin back in September, and after putting the project on hold over 
the holidays, I finally picked it back up this February and finished 



tzu.pk3 - 4.55MB

Contains 3 stand-alone reskins of the Kel Dor male 
customizable skin from the base game.  There is a "training" skin,
which has Bara's Baran Do style Jedi robes.  There is a "dress" skin
which has his ceremonial garments for use in his role as a Jedi
consular.  Finally, there is a "mission" skin, which is Bara's very
specially attuned Jedi battle armor.  It should be noted that the
battle armor is a mixture between standard issue Jedi armor and some
of his own Baran Do monk-like leather armors, as some of Bara's Force
powers require a direct attunement with natural forces and the metals
of the Jedi armor restrict them to some degree.

tzu_hilt.pk3 - 709KB

Contains a reskinned lightsaber hilt, known as "Peacemaker," Bara
Tzu's personal weapon recovered from ancient Jedi ruins on the planet
Chandrila and reconstructed and attuned from instructions from a Jedi
holocron found with it.



Model  = Raven Studios / Lucas Arts Kel Dor male, base game
Skins  = Some portions of the skin are recolors of the base skin, the
         rest are my own personally created textures.  Though I did
         little of the skin work from scratch, I did attempt to alter
         everything from the original textures as much as possible to
         achieve the look I wanted without compromising the natural
         feel of the skin with the rest of the game.
Saber  = The lightsaber, Peacemaker, is a recolor of one of the Zefex
         sabers by Klasal K, therefore all credit to the saber must
         go there.  I simply liked the saber and could no longer find
         the lightsaber "Peacemaker" that I originally took to using
         from an old hilt pack that appears to be no longer
Sounds = Raven Studios / Lucas Arts Weequay, base game
Shader = Raven Studios / Lucas Arts Kel Dor male, base game



Extract the file tzu.pk3 into your GameData/base or whatever 
alternate folder you use to load skins for your mod (such as 

Optional Saber Installation:

Extract the file tzu_hilt.pk3 into your GameData/base, etc. as per
the instructions above.

As these are my own personal skins, they are not selectable from the
main character selection screen; they are "hidden."  To select the
skin for use, enter the console (~) in game, and type:

/model tzu/training     - for the training robes skin
/model tzu/dress        - for the ceremonial dress skin
/model tzu/mission      - for the battle armor skin

There are no NPC or Botfile scripts with this release.
This skin does not support team colors.



The only currently known bugs are in the mission skin.  Since the
skin surfs various model parts together that were not intended to
be used in this manner, there is a small seam on the right arm at
the shoulder joint, which can be noticed every once and awhile, 
particularly when there is a bright, light-colored surface in front
of the player.  Also, there are a few minor clipping errors on the
left gauntlet.  These errors were expected, and were covered up to
the best of my ability during the skinning process.  I feel they are
barely noticeable and a worthy price to pay for a very unique look.


Legal Mumbo Jumbo:



Tzu may be blamed, taunted, flamed, etc. for any problems which
arise from use of this skin.  However, he will likely ignore you.
You are encouraged, however, to send all feedback, queries, bugs,
jeers, cheers, etc. to the email provided above.  Also feel free
to send some Jawa Juice (tm) and Bantha Bars (tm) if you like it.

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