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Wow, I managed to pull myself away from Golden Sun long enough to do a file.


Okay... my first thought? Barret needs a new mode...


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Wow, I managed to pull myself away from Golden Sun long enough to do a file.


Okay... my first thought? Barret needs a new model. End of.

Considering this is based on the Punisher model, though, it's not half-bad of a resemblance. In fact, the aforementioned resemblance close enough to da man to qualify for the Celebrities category - something which isn't easy to do when you have high-standard reviewers and no suitable model to skin into the desired celeb.

Who's not familiar with Barret? Anyone? Well, I'm sure there's someone, so here's a brief (and barely coherent ;) ) synopsis. Arm busted up, replaced with gun. Bossy S.O.B. who likes taking charge, but has a lighter side to him as well, most notably his affection towards his adopted daughter, Marlene. He's reckless and a bit of a klutz (as seen in FF7:AC), and is mostly present in a lot of scenes for comic relief. He's always going to be remembered for his line spoken to Cloud in an AC fan sub - "You're late, b****!".

The first thing you'll notice about this skin, is that the model used is not bulky enough to be Barret. This is acknowledged by the author too, so we can overlook this fact.

I managed to spot a few downsides to the skinning job done. Most notably, the flesh doesn't look too fleshy. The texturing on the jacket for the "AC" version looks somewhat flat, as if it's had a satin layer or specular shader added, and the pants look like they've been made using the same technique. It's a decent enough technique, but doesn't work so well for modern-era clothing. The vest also shouldn't flow below the belt - it just looks funky. The arm itself looks pretty off due to the way it's been textured. The texturing is very visibly seamed. It's also a bit too long. The blue outfit has the same troubles with the vest, and like the default version, the jacket looks too sequined.

Now onto the face and hair. Comparing the face to an AC shot, it's not essentially Barret. It's close enough, though. The model is really no excuse, as I've seen skinners completely transform models in the past, but those skinners are generally very experienced - as such, one can be forgiven for not working to that standard. Good detail work can make more of a difference than tweaking the model mesh in a lot of cases. Similarly, the hair is the wrong style, but it does match the outdated style from FF7, so the author gets off on a technicality.

Don't misunderstand me - I'm not saying the skin is bad, merely that it could use a little extra work. Overall, it's a fine piece of work, and there's nothing to stop people from using it. If you're looking to fill the niche created by the lack of tough-guy models/skins, this one should suit you just fine.

So... enjoy!

~ Kouen

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Title			: Barret Wallace
Author			: Sanj
E-Mail			:
Website			: none

File Name	        : \Barret

Description		: This is a reskin of Matt-Liell's Punisher model, to make Barret Wallace of Final Fantasy 7 lore. Yeah, the model may be too skinny for the Barret in the FF7 game, but for the Barret from the movie, it does it's job. :P. I tried my best to make a decent barret skin and i think i did alright. THe red skin version (aka the AC movie Barret) may not look as good as the default skin, but meh. The blue skin version has an outfit i thought of myself. Basically a mix and match of the default and red version, with some colour tweaks. For all the skins i used shaders to improve the skins. Like metallic shin for robotic hands, arms and torso, and so on.  
Installation	 	: Place the pk3 in your base folder.

Known Bugs 		: The are visible gaps between the head and shoulders, hands and arms of the model. But these are bugs in the model, not the skin.

Credits			: Thanks to Matt-Liell for his Punisher model.
			  Thanks to Squaresoft for making the Final Fantasy series.   


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