Batman Animated Series Rogues

Well hello there, today I'm going to torture you with my first review on this site YAR HAR.

What we have here is a Batman villain pack ba...


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Well hello there, today I'm going to torture you with my first review on this site YAR HAR.

What we have here is a Batman villain pack based on the cartoons from the 60s and 90s. When I've first seen it titled as Rogues I was kind of confused but then when I have opened it ingame i realized that it was a villain pack.

To start with, this pack contains 3 different skins aswell as their team variants. Included are The Joker, The Riddler and Two-Face.

I shall being with my personal favourite villain which is Two-Face. The basic variant is classic Two Face as we all know him. Team variants are Harvey Dent and Double-Scarred-Face..? (Well I don't really know how to call it, it's just Two-Face except being totally scarred and not having the Harvey-half o.O) Model used for this was obviously Agent Smith (Kind of overused, don't you think people? -.-') The skin captures character well but there are two things that disturb me, frist is kind of low quality of textures that seem bland to me and the red parts on his arms that I do not recall ever being in the cartoons but well, it could be just me. Sounds are okay but having more of them wouldn't hurt.

Let's move on, it's The Riddler's turn. I'm going to state right away that I had no idea of how cartoon version of the Riddler looked like so I've done my research (All hail Google Images >:D) and after comparing, I must say the author captured most of the character likeness well, there are some inaccuracy problems but it's all due to model limitation and the one chosen by cBlack (Which is Indiana Jones model *Insert epic Indy's theme music here*) was the best choice in these eyes of mine. Team variants are Riddler from 60s show and regular riddler with increased color contrast as it would seem. The kind of bland textures problem repeats here, aswell as lack of variety when it comes to sounds.

Last but not least, The Joker. One would think that I'd insert a typical Dark Knight quote here but I won't, since I just dislike how they portrayed Joker there... But enough offtopic, back to the skin. What we have here is a Joker skin that's using Grave's Dante model (Not the best choice imo *sigh*) As much as I find the face good, despite the photosourcing, the rest turns the quality down a lot. Main problem is total lack of hair, it was just skinned on bald head mesh. Then there is the overcontrasted coat that makes it look a tad weird ingame... Team variants were supposed to be 60s and New Batman Adventures designs, but the only differance between them that I can notice is coat and vest color. And for the 9001st (WHAT DOES THE SCOUTER... Nevermind o.o) time, soundset could be a little more expanded.

For the conclusion I'd like to say that despite the flaws, it's still a good pack of oldschool villains from batman cartoons. If author plans to ever release an updated version, please keep in mind the textures and sounds. Also remember to include readmes of all the original models that you have used, since the only included was Indy one, I'm letting it slip this time as you have still given credit to the original model authors in the readme but next time I won't be so generous.

If it suits your taste, I demand you submit bandwidth but if not, well that's your call there ;)

Bot Support: No NPC Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes Team Support: Yes


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Batman Rogues Pack Readme

Modeling: graves and Freeman (Dante), Major Clod (Indy), Jora Custov (Agent Smith)
Skinning: C.Black

Audio ripped from various animated Batman episodes by C.Black.

Note: I read that Major Clod is unreachable, but I have included the readme for the Indy 
model in the ZIP.

Brief Rundown
This is a Batman: The Animated Series rogues skin pack.

The Joker's red skin is supposed to resemble The Joker from the 60s Batman series.
The blue skin is based on his appearance from The New Batman Adventures.
The default skin is based on the look from from the first 90s animated series.

Two-face's red skin is just a totally scarred over version I whipped up in a short
amount of time. The blue skin is Harvey Dent (duh). The default skin is.. well..
Two-face. This skin has a few inaccuracies that stand out, but that is mainly due
to limitations of the model (Agent Smith).

The Riddler's red skin is a simple color change. The green has been changed to hurt
your eyes. The blue skin is based on his look from the 60s Batman series. The 
default skin is based on his look from the first 90s animated series.

To install this skin pack, extract batrogues.pk3 to the 'Jedi Academygamedatabase'

To remove the skin pack, delete batrogues.pk3 in the base folder.

Copyrights and Permissions

If you'd like to use these skins in a mod, simply let me know. I'd like to see how these
get used. Be sure to give the credit where it is due.

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