Battle of Mygeeto

Mygeeto was one of my favorite locations from Battlefront 2, where I think it really got some good representation. This map also reminds me...


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Mygeeto was one of my favorite locations from Battlefront 2, where I think it really got some good representation. This map also reminds me a lot of the location as seen in SWBF2, which I think is definitely not a bad thing.

So if you hadn't noticed, this map is a siege map. I know a lot of people will love that, but naturally there will be others that will say "Darn, if only it was a free for all map!" In either case, the map is very well put together and is bound to impress any prequel enthusiast, and the fact that it's a siege map only makes it more impressive.

I found the detail in the brushwork to be most enticing -- the complex nature of the designs was enough to win me over. The texturing is also very much fitting, as is the overall ambiance which is greatly enhanced by adequate lighting. But the thing that really brings the entire map together is the skybox. The skybox itself is beautiful, and aside from a few obvious mismatches with the bridge lights it looks almost perfect.

This map is definitely one of those you should pick up, and I certainly hope that when the author has this map up to the level he wants it that he releases a non-siege version. I'm sure it would do just as well, if not better, in the downloads department.

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Jedi Academy Siege Map "Hidden Mine" (For Siege Gametype) Release

Title		: Battle of Mygeeto
Version		: Version 1.0c
Author		: p!ng
E-Mail		: [email protected]
Website		:
File Name	:
File Size	: 35MB
Date Released	: 10/06/07
New Textures	: Yes
New Music	: Yes
Bot support	: Kinda

This map is based on the planet "Mygeeto" as seen in Episode III. It features the Jedi General Ki Adi Mundi leading a clone army (including the Galactic Marines) against the Separatist droid army in a struggle to take one of the main energy collectors on the planet.

Please note, this map is released "as is" and is unsupported by Raven Software, Activision, LucasArts, etc.


Install Troubleshooting:

If you do not see the new map listed in-game, ensure that the file "z-siege_mygeeto1c.pk3" is located in your installation's "GameData\base" folder. The default path is "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base".  

You will see other .pk3 files in the correct "base" folder.  Simply drag and drop the "z-siege_mygeeto1c.pk3" file into the correct "Base" folder as noted above.

EOF errors: You shouldn't get any with this map.



The objective for the Republic team is to take the bridge by defeating the Tri Droids, disable the collector platforms and finally breach the main energy collector.  Once inside the main collector, set up a command post.  The command post can be disabled by the defending team, so you must defend it until the countdown timer expires (~60 seconds).

Time Limits: 
	* 20 Minute Initial Time Limit
	* If Republic forces succeed before the time limit is reached, the teams switch sides (Separatist team becomes Republic and vice versa)
	* Once the new teams are formed, the new Republic team must complete the same objectives in the same or less amount of time than the first Republic team did.

	* Recommended Maximum of 16 Players (8 per team)
	* Note: A maximum of 32 players are supported, but untested.  Play at your own risk.


Please note: I've included the original readmes in this archive and I tried to contact each author via the email address provided in the readme unless they gave clear instructions on reusing their work.

The models/skins/vehicles include:

* CloneUltima pack by Mars Marshall "NeoMarz1" and numerous skinners (Dark_Cuillere, Ruku, Tesla, Zappa O, MarcusLeCoy)
* Asajj Ventress by Mars Marshall "NeoMarz1"
* Battledroid by "The Prophet" and "Major Clod"
* Ki Adi Mundi modeled by Psyk0Sith and skinned by NeoMarz
* Super Battledroids by Chair Walker and StormTrooper
* Pit Droid by Matt-Liell and Scouttrooper
* AT PT by LightNinja and "NeoMarz1"

Thanks to all of the modelers and skinners for such superb work.  If I missed anyone please let me know if you object to any of the elements used in this map.

Thanks to Raven for creating such an easy way to create content for the game, and of course for the Hoth SIEGE map (and the sample map which I found invaluable).  I think many people hail Hoth as being the best of the default maps.

Thanks to the following clans: Heroic, BOMB, BFA (and others) for testing and submitting ideas.  Thanks to all who helped with BETA testing version and giving us their input.


Please visit the forums and let us know what you think!



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