Battle Scarred V.2

Quote:This file replaces the existing Reborn New with one that is battle scarred. The team skins are the same as before, but...


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File Description

Quote:This file replaces the existing Reborn New with one that is battle scarred. The team skins are the same as before, but I do plan on changing them into different skins (different scars, burn marks, etc.) in a new version when I find the time


Well that's basically all this dose. Is it replaces the old boring Reborn skin, with a newer tougher looking reborn. The face has a few major cuts,and then the armor looks to be cut like none other. Other then those few minor changes there really isn't much difference i can tell with the skin. So if you want to replace the old reborn with something new here yea go.


=================================================== That's my review from last time about this version of his skin. Now this second version seems to be a little bit nicer then before. One plus is it doesn't over write /model reborn_new, it how ever still over rights the reborn found in your icon list. Face wise nothings changed but with there clothes there has been some changes, the default version has rips and bullet holes in it. The team skins have changed also, the blue one has bullet holes in it, and the red one as the author put it "an evil, bloody red skin" o_o'' The red skin also seems to have yellow and black eyes, with his left eye bleeding.

On top of adding in team skins the author has also added in NPC's, and has also made the Guardian Staff, and the Stinger Hilt bloody as if they was just in a war......even tho wounds are burned shut if anyone knew that. None the less it adds a nice touch to any evil looking skin. And still no new sounds.


Bot Support: Yep NPC Support: Yep New Sounds: Nup Team Support: Yep

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Title  :  Battle Scarred V.2
Author  :  MooMooMonkey
E-Mail  :
File Name  :  battle_scarred_v.2
File Size  :  2.44 MB
Date Finished   :  7-25-08
Date Released   : 8-3-08 (ha, I kept forgetting about this file)

	This is my second skin and version 2 of my first, Reborn New Battle Scarred. This time, I chose not to replace the existing Reborn New, but instead make a new version. It seemed more professional. The icons have changed, team skins, npcs, and saber skins are included. The blue skin is more subject to bulletholes, though it has a few cuts as well. The red skin is subject to being bloody, as the blood mark on the front shows. The default skin has the same three wounds on the front, but has more cuts and such now.

If there is anything readers may want in a v3, I'd be happy to make another.

(Made a backround story. Don't ask me why though, it was a boring day...)

	During the later days of the Jedi Academy, an elite force of reborn began their training to defeat a jedi knight who has fiercly run the cult into the ground. Little is known about this jedi, Jaden Korr, but this one is very powerful. The elite force of reborn, after many years of training, is finally ready to take on this new threat. Unfortunately, however, because of the collapse of the cult, this force has to compromise with their old, worn out armour. The blood staining this armour brings a sharp decrease in the enemy's morale, making them twice as fearful. This jedi knight stands no chance against the Battle Scarred Warriors of Ragnos!

V2 Skin Includes:
	-Does not replace the original Reborn_New
	-Comes with its own npcs:
		*(you should already know how to get cheats up) npc spawn:

		  battle_scarred  (creates a BS with single saber)
		  battle_scarred2  (creates a blue BS with single saber)

		  battle_scarred_dual  (creates a red BS with two sabers)
		  battle_scarred_dual2  (creates a blue BS with two sabers)

		  battle_scarred_staff  (creates a red BS with staff saber)
		  battle_scarred_staff2  (creates a blue BS with staff saber)
		*Careful, these guys are tougher than the original Reborn_New

	-Comes with new icons showing the skin's main feature
	-Default skin has more wounds and bulletholes.
	-The Guardian saber staff is replaced by a worn out, bloody version
	-The Stinger saber hilt has been changed to look a little bloody too
	-Bot Support
	-Team support
	-Red skin has yellow and black eyes, with his left eye bleeding (just throwin' that
									 out there)  ;]

	Put the pk3 file, Battle_Scarred_v.2, into your Gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy directory.

Permission stuff...
	Honestly, I could care less whether or not you use this skin for anything, just at least acknowledge me in your Readme and whatnot. I did this skin entirely by myself (with the exception of Raven Software and whoever), so it would just be me to add into whatever you're doing.

The lega stuff...:

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