Battlefront Bespin Platforms

Here Double W Jedi brings us version 3 of his battlefront Bespin Platforms map. Being quite a big fan of the original Star Wars Battlefront,...


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Here Double W Jedi brings us version 3 of his battlefront Bespin Platforms map. Being quite a big fan of the original Star Wars Battlefront, I’ve played on the Bespin Platforms map a lot of times, it just so happens to be one of my favourites! So I am glad to see that someone has brought it to JKA.

I didn’t actually play the previous version of this map. I saw it, and was going to download it, but something must have interrupted me and I completely forgot, so I was rather pleased to see this in the JKFiles waiting list! :D

Let’s start of with the pro’s first of all.

As the author explains in his readme, the amount of space to fly around in has been increased, which means more room for dogfights! The skybox also has a new texture, a re-colored version of the original Bespin skybox, which I actually think looks rather good (although the original Bespin skybox was actually more accurate color wise if I remember). He also says there are more ships to use and that the maps geometry has been improved over the last version.

One of the most important parts is that there is actually two maps in here! One for the Clone Wars era, and another for the Galactic Civil War era, which I thought was a very nice touch! There is also new music, which goes well with the map, although the music in the Clone Wars era map didn’t sound very good quality.

Overall, from what I can remember of the actual Battlefront map, the layout of this map is very accurate, and instantly reminded me of the Battlefront version, so well done there mate!

Now, let’s move onto the con’s.

Although the layout of the map is good, the geometry and structures in the map could still do with quite a bit of work. For example the roof of the central platform doesn’t appear to be a proper conical shape, some of its sides are oddly cut and don’t line up properly. I think in examples like this, patches are the best things to use. If you are not a mapper, you probably wont have a clue what patches are, so basically think if it like a mesh rather than the normal solid blocks which you have to cut bits off of. Patches are slightly more advanced though, so I would advise reading up on any tutorials you can find first.

The texturing could also do with some more variation, although I am pleased to see that the author has tried using custom textures! :)

Also worth considering, is using a sun entity to light the map in a realistic fashion. A tutorial for that can be found here.

All in all a well laid out map here, accurate to the layout of the original battlefront map, although I do believe it could do with more improvements overall. If you decide to do a v4 of this map I will be eagerly waiting here to download it! :)

If you guy’s like the look of this map, then give it a download!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA


***NOTE*** If you get an error when loading the map because of the amount of vehicles in it (i think the error is something like ".veh extentions too large" or something) then you shold try the JA+Mod 2.3.

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Download '' (29.34MB)

BattleFront-Bespin Platforms(III)

map by: William Wehrli(Double W Jedi)
textures by: William Wehrli(Double W Jedi)
shaders by: William Wehrli(Double W Jedi)
music by: John Williams

Game Types:

Bot Support:Yes
New Textures: Yes
New Sounds: No
New Music:Yes
New Shaders: Yes

This is my third version of Battle Front Bespin Platforms. There have been some major imrovements over the last one. There are alot more vehicles, larger ship boundries, new sky shaders, the map is over three times as big that way there is more vehicle space to fly around, there are alot of weapons, more lightning has been added, and the geometry has been fixed.

If anybody wishes to use some of my textures or shaders, please contact me.

Just Place all the pk3 files into your gamedata/base folder.

droid starfighter by:Hatrus 
droid trifighter by: Inyri Forge
jedi intercepter by: Manquesa (Greg Birmingham)
Republic gunship by: Mars Marshall

Thank you all.

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