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THis map is HUGE. But even though its huge, I got 60s FPS, even with vehicles. BDC Racing Club is from the maker of Naboo Hills, and the vehicles are the same as Naboohills, so you can have them both without vehicle errors. But anyway, this map is very nice. It is themed around a huge racing track, but has many many many buildings and arenas to duel in, and just some simple little pads. There are ships of course on this map, as well. The one thing that makes this map really stand out is the detail. The mountains and cliffs are done beautifully, and the things that spawn vehicles are simply intricate and awesome. This is a must download for all you JKA players.

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BDC Racing Club v1.2
a FFA and Racing Map for Jedi Academy
by Darth Zappa ([email protected])
Aug 25, 2004

BDC Clan Website: www.blackdeathclan.net


1.2 Update:
removed lap counter and probe droids to lower the entity count. this should make the map MUCH more stable. Also, many of the posters have been replaced with low-res versions to help with loading times. (sigh. oh well.) They dont look as nice now unless you have your texture quality set to 'very high'.

There have been some other minor fixes and adjustments made as well.

This map started out as a simple 'slap together' dirt race track for some basic swoop racing. That was last October; since then, it got completely out of hand, and mutated into the behemoth you see here. This is a 'clan map' of course, but I like to think it is something different from the usual 'hall of boxes' that so many clan maps are. BDC Clan-related decorations have been kept to a minimum (mostly all in one hallway, but there's alot in there) so as to appeal to a wide audience.

Some of the vehicle files here are updates to the ones included with NabooHills 2.0. You should replace the older versions with these new ones on both your server and in your base folder. Naboo Hills 2.1 will include the same updated vehicles as this, as well as an updated N1 fighter.

Before installing any of these files, first remove *ALL* other vehicle pk3s and vehicle-related map .pk3 filss from your base folder. This includes vehicles from previous versions of this map, and naboohills.  the ojp_vehicles_002.pk3 in particular is now redundant. Also, remove any older versions of this map.

Once you've done that, put everything in the 'put_all_this_in_base' folder into your base folder. If you dont have any other vehicles or maps with built-in custom vehicles (like KOTOR flight) in there, then everything should be fine. After that, you can take out individual vehicle pk3 files if you want to remove certain custom vehicles (they wont spawn from the buttons then.)

To Run This Map with NabooHills 2.0
If you want this map and naboohills 2.0 on your server at the same time, you must remove the ojp_vehicles_002.pk3 from your server and replace it with ojp_eopie_saddle.pk3. this will disable the stap speeder on naboohills 2.0 (it has been removed from 2.1) The only other additional vehicle on NabooHills that isn't on this map is the customized N1 Naboo Fighter, but there is room to have it in your base folder with this map installed too. Once you get this map working properly, you can add the N1 starfighter (n2.pk3, not included here) back to your base folder to play naboo hills 2.0 and leave it in if you like.

files included: filename (npc vehicle name) info
bdc-racing.pk3 (bdc-racing) map file
hailfire_droid06.pk3 (hailfire_droid) trade fed rolling rocket launcher
maulspeeder.pk3 (maulspeeder) *UPDATED* sith bomber speeder bike, customized *UPDATED*
ojp_eopie_saddle.pk3 (eopie) butt-ugly riding beast-thing *REPLACES OJP_VEHICLES_002*
OJP_droideka_06.pk3 (droideka) the trade fed rolling destroyer droid
gunshipVM.pk3 (gunshipx) republic clone gunship
bdc-cloudcar.pk3 (bdc-cloudcar) customized combat cloud car with turbo and heavy guns
sb-bikes.pk3 (swoop_bike1, swoop_bike3, swoop_bike5) *UPDATED* heavy duty customized combat/racing swoops *UPDATED*

The 'read me' files for all the original vehicles are included in a separate folder.

Misc. Notes
* this map uses most of the available vehicle slots; cheat/admin spawning of vehicles and NPC's is not recommended. You're gonna crash your server if you mess around too much on here.

* the sniper rifle scope is of limited use in the dense fog, as are the binoculars.

* only one race with lap counting can be run using the start switches in the control room. this is due to an absolutely asinine restriction of the target_counter entity. (it deletes itself when finished counting! Why???) if you want to run multiple 'counted' races, you need to restart the map each time. I realize this is ridiculous, but its the best I could do for now. As an alternative, you can use the 'no lap count' buttons in the racing command center to 'fake a starting line' and have the players count themselves.

* the track lap counting works, but only barely. Improvements in that system will come at a later date when I get my brain wrapped around scripting. (Nothing is scripted in this map at the moment, it is all entities and triggers.) Right now, the first person around a lap is messaged that they are the leader for that lap, or the winner for the final lap.

* The lap-counted race takes 10 laps to complete.

* Players who aren't racing should stay off the track during a lap-counted race; it is possible (but unlikely) for a non-racer to accidentally trip one of the 'checkpoint' triggers, which will botch things up.

* hit 'use' at the bars on the map to get a bacta drink. if there is a bartender, he can hit 'use' to give a big bacta drink to 'customers'. the 'taco stand' features other novelties.

* the droid spawning at the merc base should be kept to a minimum, or you will eventually crash your server, as with all npc spawning on any map.

* there are fighter auto-turn zones in the sky at the edges of the map, however this map isnt really big enough (!) to give enough room to do a complete u-turn in time. if you approach the edge of the sky from an angle (instead of 'head on') you'll turn fine. if you fly full-speed into the sides or top of the map, you're still gonna crash.

* The lighting is not wonderful. It was sorta too late to scrap it all and start over, once i realized what third-rate cheese I was making. Much of the lighting was done 'on the go' in order to get this map out at all. Future updates will improve on this.

* BDC High Council member 'The Eye' had no idea that I was gonna do that to his office. I hope he doesn't mind.

hailfire droid, sith speeder and droideka models
by Duncan_10158 (http://io.meskinaw.net/) and Monsoontide (http://home.earthlink.net/~monsoontide)

sith speeder customized by Nexus

Bespin cloud car model converted to vehicle class by tFighterPilot (http://www.gamingforums.com), new vehicle definition file by me (darth zappa)

republic gunship vehicle model
by NeoMarz1 (http://www.geocities.com/[email protected])

eopie model courtesy of the Open Jedi Project (http://ojp.jediknight.net)

some of the extra map models are from www.map-center.com

the BDC logo sign was designed by Xemoka-sama

special thanks to Nexus for helping out with the custom .veh files and various other bits and doodads, such as the word "furrito". {DX}McCleod also did quite a bit of work on tweaking the racing swoops.

Many of the clan member's posters were made by the players themselves, the rest I did in a big hurry.

The Star Wars pictures and posters were all scavenged from various fan sites. I tried to pick interesting ones.

I cribbed the legal disclaimer (below) from one of sith j cull's map read-me files, since it's short and to the point.

Legal Flotsam:


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