To start off this review, I'd like to borrow a phrase from the author's readme:

I wouldn't be surprised if this map gets wailed up...


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To start off this review, I'd like to borrow a phrase from the author's readme:

I wouldn't be surprised if this map gets wailed upon, since there's currently no music, bad architecture (have I said that before) and swoops with no textures.

Hey-ho, the author is right on both counts there. I am going to wail about it, (In the nicest possible way, of course,) especially about the lack of music, bad architecture and untextured swoops. I am also going to moan about the lighting, (or lack thereof) the layout and everything in general. It's a pity the author got me as his reviewer really, although to be fair, it is a pretty bad map... ;) *Sigh,* It's times like this when I need Nozy around to try and say something nice.

So. The first problem with this map is the lighting. The console tells me there is a light-grid mismatch, which means either the -light section of the compile was never done, or it was done with the wrong BSP. The result is a monochromatic lighting scheme with no shade variance. Neat huh? :P Then there's also the textures. It's not the textures that are bad per-say, more the fact that they Z-fight, are misaligned, oversized, repetitive and placed in areas where they don't belong. Did I mention the fact that they are hugely oversized? Good, just wanted to clarify that. Oh, and the lava shader looks more like a blinking neon light than lava.

And then there's the architecture. Now, I'm all for lots of brushwork, and patches aren't always necessary to make a good map, but the author could have at least made an attempt to stay away from the box rooms, box corridors...and well, box everything. The only curves I found were...well I couldn't work out exactly what they were. ;) So, there's a lot of work needing to be done here. I'd also have appreciated bot support, and perhaps a working levelshot, but I didn't get those either. Ah yes, and the layout. Well, there's lots of dead-ends, water pools on the ceiling, (there must be weird gravity in this map's dimension) and a general lack of flow. There are also some custom vehicles included from different authors, but I didn't find them, and I didn't really want to play the map any longer than I had to, so I'll leave that to anyone who decided they do want to try this.

I apologise if that all sounded a bit...condescending and harsh, but honestly, there's not a great deal of positives to be found in this map. The only remotely interesting section was the underwater rooms where there's a few broken pillars and stuff. The beginnings of detail! Hey, if the author concentrates on adding more of the stuff, I'd be a much happier chap. :D

New Sounds: No New Textures: Yes Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~

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Download '' (5.94MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: BebopV2
AUTHOR: Bntyhntr

FILENAME: bebopv2.pk3 
FILESIZE: 5,953 kb
DATE RELEASED: 6-16-06, or so

CREDITS: Thanks to Cradossk for making textures anybody could use.  tfighterPilot and the people he credits in his readme (attatched).  LightNinja and anybody he credited in his readme (attatched) Awesome vehicles.
To the awesome people at MapCraft and mapcenter for making some sweet tutorials, even though I ended up botching most of them anyways.
If there is anything in there that I didn't credit here, lemme know.
Oh, and thank's to Juheti and Sephy for testing it early and Sephy for hosting the server we tested it on.on.  Told you guys I'd put you here.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip if you haven't already, 0_o, and put the pk3 in your base folder.  Standard is C:\ProgramFiles\LucasArts\JediAcademy\Gamedata\Base.  Though if your comp is screwed up like mine it might be your E Drive.  What am I saying.  If you odn't know how to install this, than wow.  
Also, download the snow speeder and atpt, here;21236
and here;43653
if you do not have them already.  I'm not to clear on the whole packing vehicles in the zip, so to be safe I won't.  But somehow the readme's are okay to include.

DESCRIPTION: A (hopefully) fun map with crappy architecture but good intentions.  Includes lava areas, flight area, rancors, several secrets, 30 second (a bit more, really) swoop course, two areas with all the guns, or most of them anywho, and 15ish spawn points, methinks.  It hsould probably have more.

BUGS: The untextured swoops are used on the swoop course because annoyingly, the textured ones didn't have enough health.  If anybody knows the key/value set for vehicle health, you can be in the credits.  Whoopee.

COMMENTS: I started this for fun as a complete noob, and ended a semi-noob.  Hint brushes?  Area portals?  Essential mapping knowledge?  Not me. I wouldn't be suprised if this map gets wailed upon, since there's currently no music, bad architecture (have I said that before) and swoops with no textures.  Shame.  However, a few people I let test it had fun, and I enjoy it (obviously, I made it.)  So, I just wanted to see how it would do.  Er...not much left to say.  Oh, the V2 is because I drastically changed some crap once, and whenever I make a drastic change I rename.  The bebop is, well, what else could I call it?  (Not based on the cowboy.  End of story.)


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