"Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII" Weapons Pack

And next up is a weapons pack based on the cellphone game Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII. Considering the translation from cellphon...


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And next up is a weapons pack based on the cellphone game Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII. Considering the translation from cellphone graphics to 3D models, they don't look all that bad.

Included in this pack are three of the BC:FF7 weapons - Rod, Katana, and Rekka (shuriken). Each weapon also has some fundamental effects on the player's abilities.

The rod, as well as being held back-handed, has a very short range. To counter-balance this, it uses the staff saber style, and deals additional damage with knockback. I found this weapon a challenge to use with standard tactics, but once I adjusted, it was immensely well-balanced.

The Murasame katana has a fast swing speed and long range. It can be used in all five saber styles (single, medium, strong, Desann, and Tavion). It also comes with an altered taunt. This one just felt somewhat overpowered, even though the normally overpowered Desann stance is weakened because the blade doesn't move as slowly as a standard blade would.

Third up is the agility weapon, Rekka. When equipped, it increases the player's speed and changes the special attack. Since it's intended as a dual weapon, you won't get the full bonuses unless you equip two. I didn't enjoy using these very much at all, to be honest.

From a technical aspect, the models look as good as they possibly can, considering what they're based on. It seems some artistic liberties have been taken to improve them aesthetically. No shader has been supplied, but a very valid reason has been provided for that in the readme, so it's excusable.

In the way of improvements, my suggestions go as far as improving the overall detail. The models don't seem particularly high-poly, and for simple weapons such as these, I think they could be a bit closer to the limit. Other than that, the only thing missing is a shader, but that's not possible at this point in time, so I'll overlook it.

Personally, I have more than enough swords, but if you want some extra FF7 gear, click away on that download button. If not, well, that's your prerogative.

~ Kouen

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Download 'bcff7_weapons.zip' (1.28MB)


Title   : BC -FF7- Turks weapons
Author  : HOUOU
Website : -----
E-mail  : bakuya_ryuho@yahoo.co.jp
Submitted date : 2006/8/11

File Name     :

File Size     : 1.28MB

These models are the weapon of Mobile Phone Game "Before Crisis -Final Fantasy 7-".
It is the weapon of Turks which has an approach weapon in eight members.

-About swing sound-
I looked for the sound which was as close as possible to the actual game.
(Even if that is unnatural.)

Effect is fundamentally a little excessive.

Only one materia can be attached to the weapon of Turks.

These detailed official designs were not found very much.
Therefore, the details of these models may be a little different.


Rod (Male)
Weapon- Rod
He uses the same weapon as Reno.
But, he has this weapon upside down, and fights.
He is Turks whose ability balance is good.

This weapon is a little powerful because the range of it is very short.
This rod's saber style is staff style.
But, it may be a little unnatural because there is no suitable saber style. 
An enemy can be blown off.

Katana (Male)
Weapon- Murasame
He has a Japanese sword, and fights. The attack range of that sword is very long. 
He is excellent in the attack and the defense. 
(Incidentally, this is the sword of the fiction. Once in a while, it is said that it is a cursed sword.
But it is "Muramasa". It is not this "Murasame".)

Swing speed is fast, and a range is long.
Five saber styles can be used. (SP only.)
Then, taunt is changed.

Shuriken (Female)
Weapon- Rekka
This is shuriken of the same kind as the weapon of Yuffie.
She is very quick in Turks, and throws a weapon like a boomerang, and fights.

A player's speed rises when this weapon is equipped.
And, Special attack is changed.
Those speeds increase when it has two weapons.

BUGS       :
In case of BC_Rekka.
I couldn't control it completely though I wanted to limit it only to dual style.
Therefore, some saberstyle can be used by the case.

I am so sorry, there is no shader as before.
It is because English of Shader tool hasn't been able to be understood yet.

Put a pk3 file on /lucas arts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/GameData/base folder.

It works even if of course all the files aren't put.


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