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Well, this is version two of the Bespin Shafts CTF map, and I think it’s an improvement. The author did add more detail to the map, fixed th...


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Well, this is version two of the Bespin Shafts CTF map, and I think it’s an improvement. The author did add more detail to the map, fixed the lighting (and I found no problems with it), and added a hangar and a small corridor with a shaft on it. The add-ons looked nice, but the floor still bothered me as it did in Inyri’s review. While the floor might be metal, you would expet it all to be the same sound, right? Well that wasn’t the case with me. The floor on one side of the map sounded one way, while the floor on the other side of the map was different. Both were metallic, but distinctly different.

Right now I think that the biggest thing that needs to be done with the map is (possibly) expanding it to have some more routes to the flag, and things like that. The second biggest thing that needs to be one is making the floor sound the same all the way through the map. And since this is just a version two, with a few changes above, here’s Inyri’s review of the first version.

The author claims this map is a medium-sized map ideal for CTF. While it still seems a bit cramped to me for an interesting CTF game, it certainly is a lot larger and more interesting than the original version of this map. I wouldn't be surprised if it was started again from scratch. My biggest complaint was the floors were too metally. Sounds picky, right? The sound of the metallic footsteps just started to drive me insane after a while.

The layout of the map is indeed suited for CTF. While I do find each side to be a little lacking, it's is not quite a straight shot to the flags. There are a couple of turns involved, and the passageways leading to the flags aren't nearly as cramped as some maps I've seen. You can just shoot your enemy out of the sky, or you can hack them down with your saber. There should be plenty of room for either... if you're careful. The pit, as was seen in the last version, has been greatly expanded and now features two t-shaped bridges across it.

The only other complaint I had, other than the metallic assault on my delicate ears, was the lighting. Before I go any further, I want to mention that the lighting is not bad. It's just a little... off. The entities individually, to be precise. Most of the entities have a clear source, and it's easy to see where the unclear entities are supposed to be coming from. Realistically, though, there are several lights placed such that they would not actually light a surface as they do in reality. These are mostly entities lighting the ceiling between two light sources. Other than that, though, it's not a bad little map. It has support for CTF and FFA, plus bot support for those that like bot matches. Might be worth a download for CTF enthusiasts!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Models: No New Music: No


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Download '' (1.1MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Bespin Shaft CTF (2.0)

AUTHOR: Mike Viscio


FILENAME: BespinShaftCTFv2.pk3

FILESIZE: 1.1 mb

DATE RELEASED: 2 December 2006

CREDITS: The entire map was created by Mike ( 

INSTALLATION: Simply put the pk3 file into the "base" folder of Jedi Academy. When you host a game, "Bespin Shaft CTF (2.0)" will appear in the map listings. 

DESCRIPTION: The second version of Bespin Shaft CTF. 

* Fixed issue where there was weird lighting in between light sources
* Added more detail to all parts of the map

Added 2 new areas, a hanger, and a corridor with small shaft next to it

Gametype: FFA, CTF

Bot Support: Yes

Custom Textures: No

Custom Sounds: No


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