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I always like mod’s that change the weapons effects in JKA. After playing the game for years you do tend to get a bit bored of the Base JKA...


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File Description

I always like mod’s that change the weapons effects in JKA. After playing the game for years you do tend to get a bit bored of the Base JKA effects after a while and want to try something new. Here we have a mod that changes various game effects, including some of the projectile effects for the weapons, the saber blades, and also some new sounds.

First off, it is easy to see that the saber blades have been changed; they now look much more like the ones in Episode 3, longer, thicker and pointier (careful, you might poke someone’s eye out with that thing! ;)). The saber also has loads of new sounds, which sound like they may have come from the original Jedi Knight game. Personally whilst they don’t sound quite like the movie sabers, I do prefer these changes since they sound much more deadly and visceral.

The projectile effects for some of the weapons have also been changed. The Bowcaster now fires red bolts as it does in the films, instead of the traditional green that it has been in the Jedi Knight games and the repeater also fires red blaster bolts instead of the small round white bolts it fired before. Personally I prefer the red blaster bolts that the repeater now fires, I think they fit better with the weapon somehow. But that’s just me.

There have also been some changes to the force lightning, saber lock and saber deflection effects, though in my limited time testing the mod I wasn’t able to try out all the new effects.

One nice feature though was the new splash screen that displays when the game first loads and also when a map loads, I much prefer this new one to the Base JKA one, it looks great! :D Added to that there is also a new background for the drop down console.

All in all this is a cool mod here, and a welcome addition to the library of effects mod’s that we have here on the site. If you guys like the look of the mod from the screenshots below, be sure to give it a download!


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Title			:	Better Game Effects
Author                  : 	Mr. Killer
E-Mail			:

File Name/File Size	:	Better_game_effects (3.96 MB)
Date Released		: 	02/19/09

Description 		: 	Several game effects have been changed (especially saber effects), among other things.

1) 	Extract the &quot;Better_game_effects&quot; pk3 file to your Gamedata/Base folder.

2)	The mod has been installed.

3)	To uninstall, eliminate the &quot;Better_game_effects&quot; pk3 file in your Gamedata/Base folder.

	* For any suggestions or bugs found in this mod, please mail me. (my e-mail is mentioned above).


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