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I'm not a big fan of the Big O series (another Japanime show) at all, I found it to be bland and boring and pretty empty compared to some ot...


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I'm not a big fan of the Big O series (another Japanime show) at all, I found it to be bland and boring and pretty empty compared to some other shows out there. To add to that, these skins really don't bring anything to the table that I couldn't draw myself using Paint and a broken wrist. Just kidding, they're not that bad. PianoBlack brings us a couple of the main characters, Roger and Alex, in cel-shaded glory. Yes, they are cel-shaded, no, they're not shaders...just colored lines like a cartoon.

Coupled with team support (and new sounds) these aren't half bad. I mean, that's ignoring the missing torso on the Roger skin. Of course, they're not half good and could use some polishing. The blockiness of the models shows when light reflects on them in certain directions, and there isn't much else to be desired off of the skins themselves.

My opinion? I want another version before I give a final verdict on whether this is a good pack to get. But for now, check it yourselves and be the judge. ^_^

- Chrono

New Sounds: Yes Team Support: Yes Bot Support: No

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Download '' (2.44MB)

-Small Big O Skin Pack-
Roger Smith Version 3 and Alex Rosewater Version 1

Who is Roger Smith? Roger Smith is a character from The Big O. That's an anime. :)
What's new in version 3? I made the eyebrows look a bit better. I gave him the sun
glasses. The hair has been redone in the back and around the face. I put some lapels
on his suit. I added team support and I added in a few new sounds and a taunt from 
the dubbed version of the show. I ended up using some Reborn sounds since he sounds
like Roger and both oftheir voicese are played by Steven J. Blum (David Lucas).
I have not added bot support yet but I might in the future.

Who is Alex Rosewater? He is also a character from The Big O.
Not much to talk about here since this is the only version that I have made of Alex.
Some people might have an earlier version that they got from me over MSN or somethin.
There is team support, new sounds, and no bot support. 

Neither of these have been tested on Jedi Academy. I read that there was some kind of 
problem in it but there is no way I can fix it until I get a new CD drive. It's 
broken.. lol

Installation is easy! Just put the pk3 file in your GAMEDATA\BASE\ folder!



(no longer credited as *GR*RogeRSmitH)
Models: Whoever the hell made it at LucasArts, ACtivision, or Raven.
Skins: PianoBlack*
New Sounds: PianoBlack* (no site), Zola (
Pictures used for skins are from ..

Feel free to tinker with my skins but give some credit to us other people!

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