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Utility rating: * * (out of four) — 6/10

mEo has requested that I submit this program, but it's not ready. Testing the most recent versi...


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Utility rating: * * (out of four) — 6/10

mEo has requested that I submit this program, but it's not ready. Testing the most recent version, I found that his most recent bug fix didn't exactly work in the most practical circumstances. This program has potential; I really hope he gets to complete it before moving on to another project—I could definitely use this program if only it worked the way it's supposed to.

BindMaP was previously released for Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast as a nifty, handy tool for keeping and loading binds for different maps with ease. The creativity is still here, and this time around, mEo has greatly improved the GUI (Graphical User Interface, for you non-techies)—it now carries a pleasant orange for its curvy window shape instead of the original, angular all gray. Unfortunately the handy functionality of JK2's BindMaP is gone with BindMaP JK3, as it was usually unable to accomplish its main task.

I tested this program on my local non-Internet server, where it worked great. It detected which map I was using, loaded the binds for it, and I had no problem using any of the other functionalities of the program. I also tested it on the Internet: Windows servers and Linux servers, using basejka (modless) or the mods JA+ Mod 2.2/2.3 and xMod 2.7.1. Maybe I didn't test it on enough servers (should I have to go through every single server on Jedi Academy?), but it did not work in any of the ones in which I tested. BindMaP could not detect which map the server was using, and using the !mapname function didn't seem to help. I understand that this is the server's problem and not the program's problem, but that doesn't change anything—it still doesn't work, and is therefore impractical in most cases.

The program has almost as many impracticalities as it does practicalities. Most of the nice features are useful for any player who uses the full screen setting in his or her game. There are useful functions to check the time or date, and an innovative clock function that shows the current time every few seconds in the upper left hand corner of your screen, which is remarkably useful for someone who uses full screen mode. The readme that described the application and function of the program includes a complete list of features (note to author: "extremly" should be spelled "extremely"):

- Unlimited Binds and Maps that can be saved - Multiple settings for the one map! (see !mapname) - Extremly fast to load binds - Ability to turn on and off - Time and Date - ALL NEW: In-game Clock! - Easy to load and save - Intergrates into JK3 easily - Stops people from making you say commands - Anti-spam, private or public messages - Easy to use Binds Editor - Ability to do more than just bind... - Runs in system tray - Easy to update - Easy to install - Support - Much more...

I should also point out some other smaller problems. I like the idea of the updater, which makes updating the program a whole lot easier, but the most recent version of it causes errors to occur at runtime. Also, any time that text must be echoed and your console is open, the place where you are normally able to type text is replaced with the most recent echo command—when you have the clock turned on, your console will say "echo " and then the time, which is pointed out in the readme. But the same is also true of other features of the program—any time where text has to be shown somewhere. What I mean is that I might be trying to type a command into the console, but then my typing will be interrupted and BindMaP will type something for me: "echo ," etc. This problem can be avoided by essentially never typing into the console and using only the chat function of the game, but who doesn't use the console aside from new players? Just about everybody has to learn to use it, and I especially use it consistently.

What I recommend is for you, the common player, to try out this program for yourself. It could be different for everybody, and it might be especially useful for you if you only play on your own local server. It could definitely be useful for any administrator of servers if the program just worked consistently. This program is a wonderful idea that just needs to be executed better, and I highly encourage people to help the author improve it—I will, because now that I know that this program exists, I need it.


Note: the screenshots depict an earlier version of BindMaP JK3. A few features have been added since then; the actual program should look different to you if you download it.

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Download 'bindmap_setup.exe' (715KB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE**: BindMaP JK3
AUTHOR**: mEo	
E-MAIL**: [email protected]

FILENAME: bindmap_setup.exe
DATE RELEASED: 31 August 2005

CREDITS**: Thanks to Mau Dae, DarkNeo, Adam, Aaron, -= X Clan X =-,, Ra-Kom, [MC] HKServer, Any others I've forgotten

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: Just run the executable file bindmap_setup.exe

DESCRIPTION**: BindMaP is a unique tool, that helps you to save and load binds easily

BUGS: There was a bug in 1.0, but hopefully 1.0.6 has fixed this.

COMMENTS: If you come across any bugs, problems or you have suggestions, email me: [email protected]


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