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Here's the review of the original file:

Well the author says it's his first skin... and it shows. He has the right idea, though,...


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Here's the review of the original file:

Well the author says it's his first skin... and it shows. He has the right idea, though, so kudos for that. This may look like it was done in paint, but it's anything but sloppy. The author knew which parts he wanted to be which colors - that much is obvious - he just needs to get acquainted with his texturing software and learn to, well, add some texture. The colors are flat, so the skin itself is not that appealing. From a distance it looks okay, though.

This file comes with NPC support, which shows the author is putting in a little more effort than most new skinners. My advice: practice makes perfect, so keep practicing and you'll improve.

It seems when I said "add some texture" he took it very literally. With this version we have some very "textured" skins. It's good to see that the author is learning how to use some of the filters, such as overlay, but this may be taking it to something of an extreme.

The default skin I look best, and if it had some kind of color scheme it wouldn't be half bad. It has kind of a scraped-up look to it, though it may be a bit over the top. For the blue skin he used a lightning texture, and this is just way too much. It makes me dizzy just looking at it, not to mention the purplish lightning doesn't go so well with the greenish-grey cloth of Boba's armor. The red skin makes Boba look like he's covered in red bubble wrap. It's much better looking on the knee pads, where the texture is larger. On the helmet it does look like bubble wrap, though.

I applaud the author's work. He is trying, and that's always refreshing to see. Keep practicing ;)

Bot Support: No Team Support: Yes New Sounds: No NPC Support: Yes


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Download '' (2.73MB)

Author: Lenny3140
FileName: BL_boba_v2
File Size: 2.72 MB

Installation: Put the pk3 file in your base folder.
Uninstallation: Take the pk3 out of your base folder.

The first version of this kinda sucked. I just had to make a v2.

To spawn, type this in consol: npc spawn bl_boba_v2.

If the icon doesn't appear, type this in consol: /model bl_boba_v2.

NPC support: yes
Bot support: no
Team support: yes 

Credit goes to lucas arts for making such a great game.

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