Black Guns (v1.2)

Surprisingly enough, I learned a couple things about weapon icons that I honestly didn't notice before reviewing this small mod =_o

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Surprisingly enough, I learned a couple things about weapon icons that I honestly didn't notice before reviewing this small mod =_o

To preface, let's see what the bards of old spoke of:

Bit of a misleading filename here, in that it doesn't actually set all the guns to black. In summary, the changes are relatively minor.

First up is the E-11. Notice how it has a brown tint? Well, the textures have now gone through the good ol' desaturate->darken process, leaving the gun black as the title says, but relatively undetailed.

The disruptor has also had a change, what looks to me like desaturate->lighten->+contrast. The whole gun is essentially recolored uniform silver. The author is under the false impression that the Star Wars weapons are made entirely of metal, y'see, and also under the impression that metal is always grey or black. In actual fact, metal is usually not even black until it's painted, and using the same logic it's not entirely unusual to see metals painted in different colors. Hence why we have blue cars, green cars, purple cars (yes, I have seen purple cars), etc.

Chances are you'll also have to rename the pk3 file for this to work, as the author has foolishly included brackets and a period in the filename. Simple rule for pk3 files - and archive files that you upload to us - is that filenames should consist only of letters, numbers, and underscores.

Well, it's a simple mod, if it takes your fancy then download away. Well, you're going to have to download it anyway in order to find out whether it takes your fancy or not. Or incidentally, you could instead opt to take a three-day weekend in Hawaii. Completely unrelated to the file.... but still a very good idea!

Yeah ©_© why he decided to trail off like that is beyond me, considering he's not even remotely within spitting distance of Hawaii..

So, the changes have actually been listed in the readme, which is always convenient for the reviewer, as we get to just spit those back out and not have to figure it out ourselves. The change?

1.2 Made the DEMP 2 gray and made custom icons for all three weapons.

Translation: Grayscaled the DEMP2 and haphazardly edited the icons themselves

This is pretty much where I learned something about the weapon icons. Apparently, I did not realize they were actually under control of a shader, nor did I realize that they changed appearance when you run out of ammo. This all came out quite easily when testing the weapon icons. You see, without the shader here, the weapon icons actually came out quite poorly. The custom icons now have an unsexy blob of yellow around them as opposed to the faint glow they once had. When you run out of ammo, you know get a huge black square around the gun. Not very attractive when filtering through weapons.

Well, overall these changes aren't very appealing to me, but perhaps the masses have a more forgiving sense of appeal. LET TIME BE THE JUDGE OF ALL, AND THROW OPEN THE DOORS OF ETERNITY FOR THIS FILE TO PASS THROUGH =_=

- Averus Retruthan

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Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Title: Black Guns (v1.2)
Author: Ataris
Completion date: April 2008

Description: For some reason Raven decided that it would be cool to take the E-11 from Star Wars and make it light brown instead of black. Raven also figured that while they were at it they had might as well make all of the other weapons tan instead of black or grey like metal usually is. So I made the Disruptor silver, the DEMP 2 gray, and restored the E-11 to its former glory - black. Enjoy the mod!

Version history:

1.2	Made the DEMP 2 gray and made custom icons for all three weapons.

1.1	Took out all weapons except for the E-11 and the Disruptor, and made the Disruptor silver.

1.0 	Made the Flechette green and black and the rest of the weapons darker.

Installation: Copy and paste the "PK3" file into the folder named "base" within your Jedi Academy directory.

All rights reserved to Ataris, do not use anything in this mod without my permission (email me). Special thanks to Raven and LucasArts. Thank you for downloading!


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