Black Sun Jan Pack

22.84Mb? Oh boy, looks like someone included the _humanoid file again. Oh yes, there it is! And multiple model folders too? Oh my.

Two ti...


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22.84Mb? Oh boy, looks like someone included the _humanoid file again. Oh yes, there it is! And multiple model folders too? Oh my.

Two tips to reduce filesize in future. 1) Thou dost not need include the _humanoid folder unless thine file implementeth custom animations. 2) When multiple skins are based on the same model, thou can have them all in the same folder by merely adding extra .skin files.

For example, you could easily have not included any models at all, and had all these reskins use the default Jan model, by creating in the Jan folder, and typing "/model jan/bsred" - violá! And that works wonders if you're reskinnng a base model because you don't need to include the model files, since everyone has the model already. Nifty, eh?

Okay, mini-tutorial on how to decrease filesizes is over and done with.

That was mostly just padding, because there's not much to say about the file itself. Contrary to filename this skin pack has nothing to do with the Black Sun, but Black Sun does in fact refer to a clan by that name. Which would make their tag BS? Oh, my.

*ahem* Jan is basically pulling a Joseph and going technicolor. There are five recolors, cyan, blue, yellow, red and green, all with colors pretty vivid for fabric (may want to make them a little more faint for a future release), and there's a camo version. No War On Terror jokes, please, we've all heard the "Afghanistan Jan" line before. Each color, as well as having extremely vivid fabrics, also has a different color of lipstick, which isn't as drastically vivid. Jan has also been adorned with a rather well-done tattoo that Pauley Perrette would absolutely adore.

For a recolor pack, these have been recolored without buggering up the texture underneath, which is a nice change. I can't say the same for the camo version, since no image manipulation has been done to actually imprint the camo on the texture underneath, it's just slathered over. Only real gripe? The colors are too vivid and the text isn't blended, which always looks dodgy. Fix those and this is probably the better pack of clan skins I've seen on account of the fact they aren't textured up as ridiculously mutated teletubbies with giant logos slathered everywhere. Style in moderation, yupyup.


Bot Profiles: No NPC Profiles: No Team Colors: No Custom Sounds: No

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Download '' (22.84MB)

Title: BlackSunjanpack
Author: Eskimo (me^^)
X-Fire: eskimogoespeter

filesize: 22.84 MB (23947718 Bytes)

Installation Instructions: extract the BSjanpack.pk3 to
...Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi AcademyGameDataBase

i'm sorry for the short readme ^^"

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