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Weapon mods that change the effects of a weapon are always fun to review. When you play the same game over and over, it's always nice to sp...


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Weapon mods that change the effects of a weapon are always fun to review. When you play the same game over and over, it's always nice to spice it up a little by changing the effects. |_|n1+_Z3r0 (let's just call him Zero from now on) has created this weapons mod that changes almost all of the weapons effects to something more spectacular.

As you can see from the second screenshot below, the blast from your pistol now packs a much more powerful punch. Though Zero claims that the effects for the det packs have been changed, I don't see it. Maybe it's really subtle? *shrug* I think the author changed the effects for the rocket launcher a little. The screenshot just looks washed out, but it's from the bright strobe light effect that comes from the explosion of a rocket. I don't remember that being an effect from the original one. One of my favorite changes is for the E-11. The brilliant blue light is a bit blinding, but it looks really freakin' cool. The bowcaster now longer spits out little green balls of plasma (or whatever that stuff is); it's now a ball of lightning that will spray a bolt in one direction or another. Y'know the Electromagnetic Pulse thingy? I don't remember what it's called. So that'll work. Well, it also has the lightning effect, but it seems to last longer than the blast usually would. The repeater's primary fire doesn't seem to be different, but the alt fire is definitely a change. A bright, pure white flash is all you'll see. And probably all your opponent will see too. :P The Flechette has a pretty little fireworks display with the primary fire. Unfortunately, the alt fire is just the same lightning effect used for other weapons. It would've been nice to see some continuity between the two effects here, but more like the primary fire. And finally the Concussion rifle has kind of a weird blast that seems ... broken, or something.

All in all, this is a fun mod that has some neat effects, but it would be more complete with some new models and new sounds. Also, I have to say that the lightning effect was overused. Other than that (and my other complaint about the Flechette's lack of continuity), this would be worth a download if you want a new look to your weapons' effects.


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Zer0's Blasters of DOOOM!!
 by |_|n1+_Z3r0

	This is the second version of my Blasters of DOOOm!!! weapon effects mod. although it is the first release on JK2/ I have changed the effects for the pistol, blaster, bowcaster, demp2, flechette gun, repeater, thermal dets, and the conc rifle. overall I'm fairly happy with the mod. I will warn you the Pistol's full charge attack is overkill. I'm looking at in the next version (if there is one) to have custom weapon models and sounds. till then bear with me.	
	 Well i hope you guys like it.
place blasters of DOOOm2.pk3 into your \GameData\base folder. and then run jedi knight.

Contact:[email protected]

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