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Now this skin impresses me. Not with its uniqueness or its complexity (because let's face it, this mod is a minor tweak, at best), but rathe...


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Now this skin impresses me. Not with its uniqueness or its complexity (because let's face it, this mod is a minor tweak, at best), but rather by the skill with which it was executed. Some of you may not quite understand what I'm getting at, but put yourself in my shoes. Imagine how many hair color changes I see. Most of the time the color change involves hard lines somewhere around where the hairline should be, and they look awful. This hair color change, however, it done seemlessly, with no discoloration to the flesh areas, and no distortion.

"What the heck is the mod?!" I know, I skipped that part. Sorry! This mod is basically a reskin of the blonde male Jaden head. It changes the hair color to brown. Pro: I don't like the brown haired head. I don't know about you, but I think it looks silly. I prefer this head better, so giving a brown option seems like a great idea! Con: It's not really a brown option, it's a brown overwrite. Adding a new selectable option with this hair color would have been much preferable, and not very hard at all, so perhaps we could squeeze a V2 out of this author and get a non-overwriting option! Of course there are always benefits to having this overwrite the default head... but you'll have to decide for yourself whether convenience and compatibility are more important, or whether choice and variation are more important.


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Title: Blonde to Brown.
Author: Saskei
E-Mail: [email protected]
FILENAME: blonde_reskin
File Size: 333 kb, including this Read Me, and the Screen Shot.
Date Released: November 22, 06.
Credits: Eh, I didn't really use anyone's stuff except for Raven's base textures and such, so any credit would go to Raven.  Thanks for the great game guys.
Installation: Extract the pk3 file into you're Base folder.  If you don't know  where that is, unless you've moved it (and if you dont' know, that's not likely) and if you just selected a standard installation when first putting the game on you're computer, then it should be at: my computer -> Program Files -> Lucas Arts -> Jedi Academy -> Game Data -> Base.

If you want to, you can open the file and remove the screen shots and read me folder to save some room, as it doesn't need them to work, you're choice.
De-Installation: Just delete the pk3 from you're base folder and you're done.

Description: This mod simply alters the Human Male Blonde head, to change the hair to a dark brown in color, I liked the model and beard option, but don't like blonde hair myself, so I did this, not very hard, about 5 minutes in Photo Shop did the trick, but whatever works right?
Bugs:  There shouldn't be any, though it will conflict with any other mod that attempts to alter the same head of course.
Tester(s): Myself.
Comments: I know this skin isn't uber cool, or packed with a bunch of extra goodies, but this was my first mod (of any kind) for the JK series, and I just wanted to see how it worked, and too see if I could get something to work, so I started small.  Now that I've gotten something to work, I can start moving into more complicated and interesting skins, All that aside, happy gaming!
Legal stuff/Disclaimers:


Aside from that, I can't be held responsible for any damage done to you're computer or files from use of this mod.  I do say, I have no idea how you could screw anything up with this file...its just some JPEG Images, but I feel safer putting this thing in. ;)

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