Blood Trooper

Okay, who did it? Who nuked Rosh? This skin isn't a Rosh reskin, but it certainly looks like it may be wearing his remains. This shadowtroo...


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File Description

Okay, who did it? Who nuked Rosh? This skin isn't a Rosh reskin, but it certainly looks like it may be wearing his remains. This shadowtrooper was obviously standing too close to someone blown up by one of various Star Wars incendiary devices. I'd bet on a trip mine, here. We could only wish Rosh stepped on one, eh? Well, let's imagine he did, shall we?

I believe the latest term for the "decoration" on this shadowtrooper is 'pink mist,' if Grey's Anatomy is to be trusted. The shadowtrooper is covered from head to foot in what looks to be a sprayed type of blood, typical of an organic being violently dispersed by an explosive device. The blood effect itself is very neat, I will admit. It is (thank god) not a hideously bright and unrealistic shade of red, which a lot of people tend to think blood looks like.

The one thing I found curious was the distribution of the blood spatters. Now I know most of you couldn't care less if it looks cool (which I agree, it does), but I was trying to figure out where this guy had to be standing to have blood on him like that. It suddenly occured to me, naturally, that the author may not have had explosive means in mind when he made this, but rather just a "put blood everywhere" mentality, which is fine. My point is, though, that if we want to assume the blood actually came from somewhere... he must have been standing in the middle of a mine field. :p

Team Support: Default Shadowtrooper Bot Support: No NPC Support: No New Sounds: No


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Hello everyone! Thanks for downloading my first skin, Blood Trooper!.

Author: OzJackal (Aka Auron)
Xfire: jackal47

If you disagree with this skin don't use the email. Use "" :)

Description: Basically a reskin of a shadowtrooper. He now has blood covered almost everywhere on him. 

Installation Instructions: Unzip the blood_trooper.pk3 (and/or BT_readme.txt) to your GameData/Base folder.

Bugs: None that i can find. If you do find one, email me.

Programs Used: Winzip, modview, notepad, GIMP, pakscape and my brain.

Credits: Most thanks to Wasabee (for his skinning tutorial), LucasArts and RavenSoft for making this great game...and me
for making the skin :D


Thanks for downloading my FIRST SKIN!!
(thank god it isn't a reborn

Legal Information


You may not copy this skin and claim it is your own because it is mine and if you do copy i will come in the darkness of night and bite your fingers off. :P

A copyrighted product from OzJackal!

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