Bloodletter Arena

Well this was an interesting map to go through. It’s an expansion of the duel8 map, and if it’s the same map that was included in the source...


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Well this was an interesting map to go through. It’s an expansion of the duel8 map, and if it’s the same map that was included in the source of GTKRadiant, (Yes, I dabbled in it. Just a tiny bit.) then it’s totally different from what I remember.

Basically the map has been turned into a gladiator arena, and while parts of it might be simple, they look nice. Parts of the map are blocky, in fact most of the map is blocky. But while the construction might be blocky, the idea behind the map makes up for it. The lighting in the map was nice, if a little dark in some areas, and be it the lighting or the construction, the FPS on this map was around 30 – 40 consistently. There are several gameplay option for this map, and each has a different little variation. Not in the map itself, but in the spawn points. For example, in the team FFA version, you spawn in opposing gates. You don’t do that for duels, however. I think it’d be cool if you spawned in the same places as the Team FFA players did, but only have the gates open up automatically as you hit a switch on a floor. Anyways, I found this an enjoyable map to review, and I suggest that you download and test it out.

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Gametypes: Duel, Power Duel, FFA, TFFA.


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Download '' (15.04MB)

Bloodletter Arena V1

Author: Yami_Ryou with help from Nab622
E-mail: [email protected]
Music: Atmosphere_07 from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Date finished: Wednesday, December 27, 2006
File size: 10.5 mb

Extract the bloodletter_arena.pk3 file to your jedi academy base folder (default = "C:/Program Files/Lucasarts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/Gamedata/base")
File Description:

This map is an expansion on the original mp/duel8 jedi academy map.  I have transformed the map into a roman arena.  All the doors are now accessable. There is a lounge/bar for the gladiators to eat and rest between battles. Also, there's a training room with a training dummy made of wood. The dummy can only be destroyed by a lightsaber, and it will take a very long time. The walls in the training room are lined with beds where the gladiators sleep. Before you enter the arena, you must go through the barracks where there is all the armor and weapons you need to prepare for your battle. The arena itself is very large and open so it's perfect for large battles. It is split into a blue side and a red side, so it's great for team ffas. On the throne at the back of the arena are 2 switches, one switch closes the gates to the arena and the other switch opens the gates to the red and blue barracks on either side of the arena.

From the main area area, there are stairs to the second level of the map. From there you have access to the balcony overlooking the arena. There are some tables and chairs so you can sit back and enjoy the battles. THANKS TO NAB622 FOR MAKING THE SECOND LEVEL ACCESSIBLE.

There are a few secrets in this map, but you might have trouble finding them!

Also included with this pk3 is a duel version of the map where only the arena is available for fighting in.

Bot support is included! Isn't that always fun...

Not really anything I can think of. Although, that hallway behind the throne between the balconies in the arena, the wall with the torches on it seems to have 2 cracks in it, but thats not fixable as far as I know.

FFA support
TFFA support
DUEL support
POWER DUEL support
New music
New textures
Bot support

Lucasarts for making the original duel map,
Jeremy Soule for the great musical score,
Nab622 for making the second level accessible and other various fixes,
and ME for doing all the rest.


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