Bloodmine Shaft

Bah! Bah, I say! Wedge was making this map for JK2 and ended up only releasing it for JA. Well, I'll review it anyway. :P

Wedge is one...


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Bah! Bah, I say! Wedge was making this map for JK2 and ended up only releasing it for JA. Well, I'll review it anyway. :P

Wedge is one of those mappers who you wish were more prolific. I count only three maps created by him - though there may be more, I dunno. I had fun with my counting and may have lost track. One, ahahahaha, two, ahahahahaha... anyway. First and foremost, this is a lovely map. It really is very pretty. And like most beautiful things, it's also complicated. I'm not even sure I found a flag base. And I spent at least 15 minutes exploring this map. Granted, I was playing in FFA mode, but flag bases are usually obvious. I thought I found a base approximately 9 times, but I was probably wrong.

To really understand why this map is already a favorite by me, you have to play it. It's great for CTF, but it's good for FFA too. Ammo and weapons are plentiful. I really want to play a CTF on this map, but I don't see that happening - since he didn't make it for JK2! *cries* Anyway, check out this map by Wedge and then send him no less than 483 emails telling him why he should make more maps. :D

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, CTF, TFFA


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Title:		Bloodmine shaft
Author:		wedge2211
E-Mail:		[email protected]

-- General Information --

File Name:	bloodmine.pk3
File Size:	26.4 MB
Date Released:	13 Feb 2005

Imperial troops have established a mining base to extract volatile Blood Ore, a substance used in high-grade explosives.  The mining operation is centered around a large vertically drilled shaft, which was expanded on as the Imperial need for Blood Ore increased.  The mine stretches from subterrainean depths where drilling machines bore into the rock to the surface of the planet where cargo ships wait to carry the precious ore off-planet.  The New Republic, seeking to cut off the Imperial supply of Blood Ore, has staged a massive assault on the mine complex...

Gametypes:	CTF, Team FFA, FFA

-- Map Information --

Brushes:	17,451 (I kid you not.  And I even turned the caves into models)
Entities:	1894

Custom elements: New textures, shaders, and models
		 Music from Unreal Tournament 2004
		 'Majestic' textures courtesy of
		 Other textures courtesy of NRG or public domain sources
		 A very tiny number of textures created/edited by me

Build time:	Since Jedi Outcast was in it's heyday.  No, really.  My first Bloodmine WIP thread dates from 18 December 2003.

-- Notes --

This has taken me far too long.  You'd all better enjoy it.

The map is asymmetric: the red and blue sides have the same basic "number of rooms" butt hey are connected in slightly different ways.  Plus there's the inherent asymmetry of the vertical layout: you can jump down the shaft from the blue to red side, or climb up from red to blue.  Of course, jumping down means you'll probably end up pretty close to dead...  Weapons are also placed asymmetrically.  I tried to give each side weapons that made sense for firing down or up the shaft (ie, the blue team can chuck detonators down the shaft but the red team can fire missiles up).

Bot routing is slightly problematic due to the number of elevators--bots just don't like the 'f' flagged waypoints.  Bots will behave mostly okay, but tend to get stuck in elevators, and so I think this map would be much better for large human-versus-human matches.  Bots can navigate well enough, though, and if they get stuck on an elevator you can always blast 'em.

Special thanks to the crew at - check out the forums, we're friendly and helpful.

Thanks to my beta testers: BabySpinach, Shadow_stone, Rashzagal, and Mergatroid

Note on shaderlab textures ('Majestic'):

All content copyright © 2000-2003 Randy Reddig.

Usage and redistribution policy: Textures may be freely downloaded, modified, and used in free maps, mods or total conversions provided this copyright notice is left intact and a link to Shaderlab is provided in the credits or read-me file. Other non-commercial applications are considered on a case-by-case basis via e-mail. All other usage requires written permission.

Bulk redistribution or archival of the textures in any medium, digital or otherwise (except mapping packages for mods) is prohibited.

-- You-Know-What --


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