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Blood mod.... Blood mod blood mod blood mod.... The thing with blood mods is that there's just so many, and well, how many different ways ca...


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Blood mod.... Blood mod blood mod blood mod.... The thing with blood mods is that there's just so many, and well, how many different ways can you do blood spatter?

Well, either way there's two in here. v1.5 - the earlier release - features more of a "splat" variant, which while more moderate than the latter, is a tad more cartoony. I'll give the new sounds one thing to their credit - they sure are squicky. v3.1 differs from v1.5 in that it's more of a 'spurt' effect. Think GTA Vice City after blowing someone's limbs off, and you're not far wrong.

Obviously, as with any mod that comes in two versions, only install one at a time. Other than that if you want a bit of 'realism' - or you're just one seriously sick puppy - this one may interest you. It's definitely more vicious than other blood mods I've used.

~ Kouen

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Download '' (3.46MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy MULTIPLAYER/SINGLEPLAYER combat mod

Author: bloodthirstydood
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: *none*

Two files: bloodPLUS1.5.pk3 (1.1 MB) and bloodPLUS3.1.pk3 (1.2 MB)
Released May 2008

Drop one of the .pk3s into your Jedi Academy/Gamedata/base folder and fire up the game.  This mod works with both singleplayer and multiplayer.  Only use one of the variants at a time, though - don't use both 1.5 and 3.1 - to avoid problems.


This mod attempts to provide a more immersive hack-slash experience than the default sparks and sparkles that get chucked out when you stab someone normally (or shoot - this mod works with guns as well, with the exception of the Stouker).  I was obsessed with the game BloodRayne at the time of authoring this so it may bear some resemblance.  This mod comes in two versions - 1.5 and 3.1.

1.5 - lots of big, wide sprites (I think that's what they're called) all over the place; emphasis on volume and area coverage.  Extreme dismemberment and small red puff-clouds on gun and saber impacts.  Saber impact and particle splatting sounds may be a little loud, but I like the explosive water-baloon-popping sort of aura they help create.

3.1 - a move toward smaller textures that spurt more often.  More diversity within the sprites themselves and a trend toward more splatter but less red (less ground coverage).  Same amount of dismemberment.  Added tails (for us nerds who know what those are) to go jetting out on saber hits and paste small bits of gore wherever they land.  The downside is that with so many more images getting drawn everywhere, the game erases old sprites in order to let the new ones land, so sometimes it looks like the blood's evaporating wicked fast as new blood lands on the ground.  For this reason, 3.1 may be more suited to single player, when there tends to be more time between killings.  The sounds in 3.1 are a bit less splooshy and more splattery.

This mod also declares "helpusobi 1" to facilitate singleplayer cheating.


to Jedi_Mediator for a few great textures that are present (in pieces) in this mod
to Dark_Maul for the Bloody_Dismemberment mod that I patterned after
to the game BloodRayne for overall inspiration and as a model for sound and gore aesthetics
to the developers of GIMP (for the GIMP)
to the JKA community for mods that helped me learn the shader syntax

BUGS: not a bug, but the blood is a bit much if you decide to use a gun.  Unrealistic.

COMMENTS: Enjoy, and feel free to bust it open and use anything in your own mod.  You don't have to let me know, but I'd really like to see what gets done with my stuff.  Drop me an email or something.  Thanks.




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