Bloody Snowtrooper

This skin claims to be a bloody snowtrooper. Honestly I didn't know if he just fell and scraped his knee or something but for a "bloody snow...


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File Description

This skin claims to be a bloody snowtrooper. Honestly I didn't know if he just fell and scraped his knee or something but for a "bloody snowtrooper" there's hardly any blood on him at all. And it really looks more like ketchup. The author must have never scraped his own knee as a child, because if you've ever seen sufficient amounts of blood when it contacts with the air it turns a deep crimson color, and in large quantities is so dark it looks almost black. The only time it's ever as red as seen on this skin is when it's smeared very thin. No, I'm not a vampire, I'm just a biology major. These markings have no consistency with actual blood - they just look like some naturally-shaped brushes smeared over a skinmap.

Now I'm not going to suggest the author go on google and look up "blood" because that would probably be slightly traumatic, but people who do blood skins should at least do a little non-Google research first. Perhaps take a look in an anatomy book at the cardiovascular system and check out the properties of blood. Just like drawing on myself with a red marker does not make me bloody, drawing on this model with a red brush does not make him look bloody. Besides... where is that blood coming from anyway, and why is the placement so odd? Some questions only the author could begin to answer.

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE**: Bloody Snowtrooper
AUTHOR**: Kylendm

FILENAME: BloodySnowtrooper.pk3
FILESIZE: 7.37 mb

CREDITS**: i didnt use any other work execpt for pictures of cuts or wounds from google: one pic is Srac 2 weeks and other was wall-grabber-drip-blood-big

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: place the pk3 file in Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/Gamedata/base folder

DESCRIPTION**: This a Snowtrooper with wounds and cuts all over his body +blaster shot darkened areas

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