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Here we have another trailer for a map that's already been released. Yeah. This is basically the same thing as the NeoTokyo, except its for...


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Here we have another trailer for a map that's already been released. Yeah. This is basically the same thing as the NeoTokyo, except its for the map BlueIce Twilight. As with the other trailers, this trailer has wonderful quality and great camera control. But like the others, the music in this trailer doesn't really fit. In fact, when I watch this movie, the music reminds me of a cheap pirate flick. It just doesn't fit. And I call tell you one thing, and that is that pirates sure aren't going to burst out of the frozen lake in this map and attack us. But besides the music not fitting, this is a good trailer.

Please note: This movie is in .WMV format, not .MOV format. So for you mac users, you'll have to get something else to play this with.

Other Versions: 720 dpi 1800 dpi


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This trailer has been out for some time except not on Jk3 files. I recently decided to redo it in HD (This is my first HD video) and I think it turned out very nice so I hope you enjoy it even though the map has been released.

And -{Mc}- Video Production Trailer
-A Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Map

Title: Blue Ice Twilight Trailer (SD)
Video Author: MaceCrusherMadunusus
- E-mail:
Map Author: Szico VII
- E-mail:
Length: 1 Min. 15 Secs.
Size: 20.2 MB (21,210,781 bytes)

Description: This is a trailer for Szico VII's latest map, Blue Ice Twilight. This project has been going on for about a year and has been a huge success during beta stages. It was also very nice to fight on even in the big areas! <:MJC:> and [HGR] had a huge FFA mach in that area to try and really strain the FPS. But, as useual with Szico he pulled it through the lowest it went was 17 FPS. Great job bud!

Release Date: This map is schedualed to come out on the 15th so be ready!

--Beta Testing
(MaceCrusherMadunusus) - Galaxar Mace
All of the {NJO} Clan
Darth G
DJ Maffo
*Vas* Buffy
Jason (My FF7 buddy!)
Elgos Vos
Trauma Sensei
Anakin 992
Xa'o Zalei
Danny the Communist
Tk 409er
[HGR]Clan Members
<:MJC: > Clan Members

--Other Help
Darth G - Scripting and General Entity help - this probably wouldn't have got finished without you mate :)
BabySpinach - Lighting/shader issues + general help
GothicX - For everything you have ever helped me with :)
ShadowKnight - For helping me to script the snowmen's heads.
Wade - for youe SGEgypt map which taught me how to toggle a teleporter :D And all your help over the years!
RichDiesal - For your famous tutorials :)
wedge - General help + Firefly effects
Patrick.H - General help and comments :)
Oxyonagon - I'd jump in front of bullets for you, thanks SO much for suggesting the camera shake method!!! :)
Lassev - Moveable spawnpoint solution - ty! I might jump in front of bullets for you too ;)
Sound Effects -
Original Q3 Teleporter Model - Stecki
{NJO}Duffman - The Suggestion-meister :)
IfritZero,Arthenik,Switchup,Raptor552,Shadowtrooper501 - For the beta reviews and suggestions :)
Corel - For the new crystal texture
Gil-Galad - For being another ideas guy :)

--Features you should look to see in the map.
Toggleable teleports, kinda like stargate.
Dynamic Spawning (Spawn into areas only once you've discovered them for the first time!)
Earthquake Scenario in Duel room.
Public Toilets? ;)
Force-play with the snowmen.
'Subtle Knife' teleporter.
- Weatherzones (Removes error from console at start about them and decreases load times)
- Some kind of Ladder spawn match in duel area.

Currently known map bugs:
-None :D YAY!!!

Thanks all of you!

See you all soon!
MaceCrusherMadunusus & ~Szico VII~

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