BlueIce Twilight

Well well, here we have a new map from Szico.

First of all before I do anything else, let me comment on the size of this thing. Now I kno...


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Well well, here we have a new map from Szico.

First of all before I do anything else, let me comment on the size of this thing. Now I know I often start off reviews by commenting on the size, saying how large the map is. But this map really is MASSIVE. I cant believe how much stuff Szico has put into this map. You could explore it all day and still not find everything!

This is a very snowy map, which I suppose is apt for this time of year, as December is usually known for its snow! Unless of course you live somewhere where it doesn’t snow… In the part of the UK that I live in, we rarely get proper snow. Its usually either mush that falls here, or when we do get snow its only a thin layer that melts anyway after a couple of hours unless its cold enough lol!

Anywayyy…it looks like there’s been plenty of snow falling in this map as its absolutely covered in it! I must also say that the choice of base JKA skybox used is very clever. It might only be the night-time one that’s used on the Korriban Multiplayer FFA map, but it fits very nicely with the snow!

There are just too many cool (forgive the pun) features in this map to list. So I will try and only comment on the best ones :D

Firstly the area where I spawned was a frozen pond type thing. The texture and shiny shader used looked very effective, and being a frozen pond, its really slippery too, so watch your step! However, there’s something far cooler (forgive the pun again!) that just a frozen pond there. There are fireflies, tons of them! The author has really done a good job making this new effect, it really does look like fireflies are hovering around the pond, and it looks very scenic :) The choice of music for the map is also excellent and adds to the scenic atmosphere.

The main area to the map is sorta like a little village. There are many small cottages scattered around, a few of them you can even go in. There’s a nice warm fire inside, some furniture, and even a sleeping bag type thing :) The way the doors of the cottages have been scripted to swing open is more like real life and looks very good, afterall how many cottage doors do you see that just slide away into the wall like the doors we are so used to seeing in Starwars maps? Around the back of some of the cottages is a TaunTaun pen, this is a BIG map remember, so TaunTaun’s are useful for getting around quickly!

Another thing I like in this map is the Snow covered Fir trees, they fit very well with the map, and there is a nice little area where there is a camp fire surrounded by a few trees. Again very scenic. Lets not forget the Ski Lift and Ski Slope too! Its fun sliding down there…w! *crack!* *crunch!*


Anywayyy, that’s just the main area, after that there is another area to get to. You get to this via a frozen sewer or river type thing. At first when I saw it, it was covered with ice, and I didn’t think anything of it. Then I jumped on it and *CRACK!* the ice broke and I fell into the water! That was a very cool idea, breakable ice ;) Anyway, once I swam my way through the sewer/river I came out at this shaft where I had to jump up in order to upon this hatch above me. Once out I worked my way out onto this snowy canyon road…with errmmm…an X-Wing at the side? That seemed a bit out of place for the setting of the map!

Go through what looks like a boarded-up shaft, wind your way through the corridors and eventually you will find yourself back at the main area! Phew.

Errm but that’s not it…there are loads of secrets and other places you can go in this map, including what I believe is a Final Fantasy themed duel room, control rooms, even deep underground through something that looks like a mine shaft! Now, I couldn’t tell you where all the secrets are of course, as well as making the review insanely long, that would spoil the fun :P

I will give you some clues as to where to find one of the secret areas though ;) Look around for some padlocked hatches, you can break the padlocks and then press the use button to open the hatches…I’m not going to tell you anymore though, that would spoil the fun now wouldn’t it? Mwahaha! One other great thing was the teleporters around the map, they look incredible when they are turned on. Now it’s a bit complicated to turn them on, basically look for round buttons that you can press to turn them on (I had trouble finding them though, but then again I’m not good at finding things!) Also look for a hidden teleporter behind a brick wall somewhere. It’s a bit difficult to find, but I’m sure you will find where it is ;)

Now, onto the things that could have been improved upon. Well the map is extremely high quality, and there was very little here that I thought could be improved upon. However there were still one or two things. One thing was that the boulders scattered around certain places in the map were very jaggedy, it would have looked cool if they were a bit more rounded off. But it still looks ok really ;)

And of course, as with any map this size, the FPS in places did drop quite a bit for me. But overall I’m very glad to say that the FPS was very good :)

Besides that an absolutely excellent map here! Well done Szico! :)

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, Duel, Power Duel, CTF


Oh and by the way, Szico informs me that all the source files for this map are included in the .zip, I’m certainly going to enjoy looking through those, and I’m sure you will too ;)

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Download '' (24.42MB)

BlueIce Twilight - 14th December 2005

AIM: Szico VII

BlueIce Twilight (v1.0)
New Textures: Yes
New Sounds: Yes
New Models: Yes
New Scripts: Yes
Bot Routing: Yes
Gametypes: FFA, TFFA, Duel, Power Duel, CTF (All FULLY Supported)

Brush Count: 22713
Entity Count: 3335
Build Time: Overall, about 6 months on and off for this layout and design. Counting from Day 1, about a year!!! (Damn GCSE's!)
Compile Time: 7 minutes normal, 1 hour final.

Map Installation : Unzip the contents of the zip (BlueIce Twilight.pk3) into your Jedi Academy/GameData/Base directory, and you're all set to go!

Source Files: Unzip the contents of BlueIce into your Jedi Academy/GameData/Base folder and add 'nomad' and 'nomad_snow' to your shaderlist.txt


-Toggleable teleports, kinda like Stargate.
-Dynamic Spawning (Spawn into areas only once you've discovered them for the first time!)
-Earthquake Scenario in Duel room.
-Public Toilets? ;)
-Force-play with the snowmen.
-Realsitic Scripted Doors.
-'Subtle Knife' teleporter.


General Helpers:
Darth G - Scripting and General Entity help - this probably wouldn't have got finished without you mate :) Your suggestions on well, everything really helped me, especially with all the work you're doing at the moment :D
BabySpinach - Lighting/shader issues + general help
GothicX - For everything you have ever helped me with :)
ShadowKnight - For helping me to script the snowmen's heads.
Wade - for youe SGEgypt map which taught me how to toggle a teleporter :D And all your help over the years!
RichDiesal - For your famous tutorials :)
wedge - General help + Firefly effects
Patrick.H - General help and comments :)
Oxyonagon - I'd jump in front of bullets for you, thanks SO much for suggesting the camera shake method!!! :)
Lassev - Moveable spawnpoint solution - ty! I might jump in front of bullets for you too ;)
Sound Effects -
Original Q3 Teleporter Model - Stecki
Original JK2 Firefly effect - Silverwest
{NJO}Duffman - The Suggestion-meister :)
IfritZero,Arthenik,Switchup,Raptor552,Shadowtrooper501 - For the beta reviews and suggestions :)
Corel - For the new crystal texture (Didn't use it, but it owns anyway lol)
Gil-Galad - For being another ideas guy, and being very patient :)
GrimReaper - Original Q3 Tree model.
Shao - For winter clothing mod. (Again, didn't include in final version but it's really nice to have offers like this :D )

(All efforts have been made to trace holders of original material, but if anyone has been omitted, I apologise.)

(<:MJC: >OwnerMace^F) - Galaxar Mace
All of the {NJO} Clan
Darth G
DJ Maffo
*Vas* Buffy
Jason (My FF7 buddy!)
Elgos Vos
Trauma Sensei
Anakin 992
Xa'o Zalei
Danny the Communist
Tk 409er
[HGR]Clan Members
<:MJC: > Clan Members

Known Bugs:
- None! w00t, that's gotta be a first for me :) - And it's all thanks to the beta testers support :)

It is night time on a vast snowy plain. The barely audible squeaks and shuffles of nocturnal creatures going about the nightly business of surviving are the only sounds breaking the heavy silence. On all sides the plain is surrounded by mountains, their icy peaks glowing hauntingly in the moons cold reflected light. The plain is flat, and immaculately white, only the rare track of an animal disturbing the perfectly smooth surface. A perfectly clear sky hangs above the scene, an untold number of stars casting their pinpricks of light onto the planet, under the watchful eye of the ice blue moon. However, despite the clear sky and near silence on the plain, the atmosphere is far from a serene one. The air is dense with apprehension. It is as if the entire planet has taken a deep inward breath, as if every mountain, creature and tree on it is waiting. And have been waiting a long time. Suddenly a blue light appears above the mountains, moving ever more quickly towards the plain. It is immediately followed by another light, orange and heading on exactly the same path. They can already be heard, two engines of slightly different pitches, both whining and straining as the ships hurtling towards the planet try to outrace each other. The nature of the race is not clear, until a bright red bolt comes flying past the first ship and into the ground, the first ship only just moving out of the way in time to avoid having one of its wings ripped away.

Inside the cockpit of the first ship is a man in a simple robe. Far from looking panicked by his pursuer, and the alarm sirens around him signalling the damage already done to the ship, he has his eyes closed and a look of absolute concentration and focus is upon his face. A bladeless hilt on his belt confirms the profession that his ability to dodge the laser bolts flying past suggests. The Jedi guides the ship close to the ground and speeds parallel to it, close enough that the movement of the air around his ship kicks up a spray of snow around it. The movements of the ship are precise and smooth as it evades each potentially lethal bolt. The mans eyes open briefly to assess the distance of the oncoming mountain range, and when he closes his eyes again there is a clear sense of urgency in his expression. he looks desperately as if he is trying to remember something, his eyelids now flickering as his eyes move rapidly behind them.

The mountain range speeds ever closer, with neither ship slowing down. No through it is available, even for the most skilful Jedi pilot. It is a wall of ice and stone waiting expectantly for its victims. The Jedi's ship adjusts direction slightly to point towards the base of the nearest mountain, and bears down, only twitching off course ocassionally to allow each laser to fly past. Just before it flies into the mountain, inside the cockpit the Jedi's face breaks into a smile, eyes still shut, and as he turns the ship sharply upwards, for a brief second his expression changes to a grimace of extreme effort and concentration. In that moment, the pursuing ship fires a single bolt before veering wildly and slamming into the mountain, vaporised instantly. The Jedi moves to dodge the bolt just a second too late, the supreme effort taken to dominate the pursuers mind clearly having an effect on his reactions. The outer half of his left wing is sheared off and falls away into the mountains. 

Struggling to maintain control of the ship, the Jedi scans the mountain range for a place to land. As the ships altitude starts dropping sharply, the Jedi spots a small gap in the mountains ahead. He has no choice but to aim for it and hope it contains a suitable crash landing site, and steers the ship towards it, fighting to keep it on course. The struggling ship just manages to clear the last mountain peak before the break in the range, and as the pilot looks ahead of him his jaw drops. As he makes the final preparations for his crash landing, he finally understands the voices that drew him here. He closes his eyes as the ship hits the ground, and skids across the ice and snow into a tree. The last thing he sees from his cockpit before slipping into unconciousness is figure upon a huge landing pad, robes billowing, sillouheted by the moon.


This map was created at the request of the Nomadic Jedi Order by our friend Szico VII. It has been a long project, well over a year in fact. We are proud to have our name associated with such a great map, and to have so many of our ideas and designs brought into such breathtaking reality. On behalf of our clan, I thank not only Szico, but everyone who helped with the making of this map, and testing its many hundreds of betas. We all genuinely hope you enjoy it, and have as much fun playing on the finished article as we have had on the betas over the last year! :D

May the force be with you.


Editors Notes:

As far as I know, there's no technical bugs with this map, only aesthetic ones. I tried very hard to keep framerate at a decent level throughout the entire map, and I believe this has been achieved, even for the main outside section. Don't expect blistering framerates on outdated cards/processors mind. ;) I had great fun making this map, for the most part, and it even makes me laugh when I look at the shots of the original beta which started back in 2004. This has not only been a project for myself, but for {NJO,} whom have been immensely helpful throughout it's construction. I'd also like to offer a special thanks to by buddies over at and Without you guys I don't know where I'd be! Another thanks to all my Beta testers, and Mace for making the video!

There are quite a few hidden secrets in this map, in fact, as IfritZero pointed out to me, most of the map is hidden when you first start playing! So have a look around, there's a whole 2 giant sections to unlock aside from the main central area, plus a hidden tournament room which involves activating 3 switches in a certain order. 'X' Marks the spot(s) as they say :) Keep a lookout for the wine cellars, underground facility and trams ajoining to the road in and out of the village. Once you've reached a new area for the first time, you can uncover teleporters which will quickly let you pass between areas. You will also find that you will now spawn in these areas, due to the 'dynamic' spawning system. (Cheers for the method of this Lassev!) Keep an eye out for breakable walls, ice, unlockable doors and switches if you want to find everything :) Tauntauns will respawn after 30seconds, and I made some of the snowmen force-reactive. Once again, have fun!!!

I included source files in this map, because I basically thought, 'What the hell, why not!' However I would appreciate, seeing as I've released the source materials out of good will - (Christmas spirit goes straight to my head lol), that people respect the guidelines below:

This includes:
- Textures
- Model textures/shaders
- The Map itself

(You can however use them for learning purposes, or get my permission if you want to publish edited files I have nothing against you editing these files for your own progress, but releasing without my consent will result in certain death lol!)

If you want to use any of these, ask me first!

You can however, use freely, and without my permission:
- Original models, but not the new skins/textures.
- Shaders
- Scripts

~Szico VII~

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