Bob The Slob 3: Attack Of The Laggy Lamers Movie



Lol, okay, Apparently I don't have to post this, but I think I will anyway. :)

Sooo, about this... Well it's a small animated film entitled "Bob The Slob 3: Attack Of The Laggy Lamers". Wel, I have no clue what this is about, but seeing as this is the 3rd and I have yet to watch 1 and 2, that would probably be why.

I've dabled in a bit of 2D animation in my time, and for what I've seen online, this is quite standard. Although when u just want to make a story, it doesn't really matter. And that's pretty much what is said in the readme. :)

Overall, I think it was a quite amusing. It's here because it is based in JKA. :) The midi that accompanies it is so you can have some music while playing it too. :)

Give it a download. :) If you quite don't get it, e-mail the author so you can get the first 2!




Bob The Slob 3: Attack Of The Laggy Lamers

This is the THIRD epic crappy .gif movie in the Bob The Slob series. Except for at the start, Bob doesn't make an appearance. Only FrogBoy does. If you don't know who the heck these people are, then email me at kpkineticpenguins@yahoo com to download the other two. The reason I submitted this to JK3files.com to be posted is because it has to do with JK3. Anyway, it is NOT to be judged by "prettyness". I realize it's horrible animation and graphics, but it started as a funny "I'm bored, what can I do?" project. The attached music is A Third Of Beethoven by the Bee-Gees. (midi, MP3 was too big) It's a bit longer than the actual movie, but that's tradition in Bob The Slob movies. Of course. :) Anyway, hope this gives people a chuckle. 

KNOWN PROBLEMS: The "unregistered program" text covers up part of the words in a few scenes.

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