Boonta Flag Hunt

One of the great things about JA, is that there's such a variety of different ways to make a map. You can have swoops, taun tauns, wampas a...


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One of the great things about JA, is that there's such a variety of different ways to make a map. You can have swoops, taun tauns, wampas and rancors to add a little something extra to your map. Boonta Flag Hunt is an interesting CTF map that takes advantage of small advancements that JA brought us.

The map is enormous and has several areas that are perfect for sniping. But don't be daunted by the size of the map. There are swoops available to get you from one end to the other. The biggest surprise for me was when I entered a large room with an abundance of weapons in the center in a big circle. I hesitated and only stepped on the edge. Suddenly, a gate dropped and I heard the menacing growl of a rancor. EEK! There aren't any other screenshots of that room cause I just kinda ran away. *giggle* I did explore a little and stumbled upon the red flag base. It wasn't where I expected it to be. The bases do not mirror each other. If you take a swoop to either end of the map, you're stopped by a rail that keeps you from venturing any further. An interesting addition to the map I found in one of the towers - a bar. And if you're in the mood for some karaoke, there's a microphone waiting for you on stage. Along with my favorite - big guns! :D I found my way up to the top and found another bar on the way up.

This would be a perfect CTF map except for one thing - the FPS. Yikes. I believe I averaged around 14 FPS in almost every area. I really like the design of the map and the layout keeps things interesting. If it weren't for the poor FPS, I'd consider adding this map to my server even for use as just an FFA map.

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: CTF, FFA, TFFA


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	*** Boonta Flag Hunt      ***
	***    by Sith-J-Cull	  ***

Description : 	I have always loved the locations in the star wars movies and was impressed with the mos espa race track
		I wanted to try and capture the mood of the track by making it as large as I could without putting too much
		onto the engine,  It may play a bit choppy on some systems.  I hope you enjoy the rancor trap!

Installation : 	Extract and drop the pk3 file into your star wars jedi academy base folder!

Usage : 	Select from the ingame menu using the levelshot

New textures : 	yes
New music :	No
bot support :	basic

E - mail : 	feel free to e-mail me with comments - [email protected]

Date Released : 13/12/03


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