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Boss Kyle

Ever wonder what Kyle would be like if he went over to the dark side? Well, he would definitely have red eyes, and some evil taunts. That's...


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Ever wonder what Kyle would be like if he went over to the dark side? Well, he would definitely have red eyes, and some evil taunts. That's exactly what we have here. Boss Kyle is the dark side version of kyle. He even has red eyes, to add to the overall effect of him being on the dark side. The author used some of the ingame taunts that make him sound very evil. Kyle is basically in dark clothes, with the exception of his should pad, which is red. I think he might look a little better though, without his belt, but that's just my opinion. This skin has support for teams, and bots. That way, people have slow internet connections can use him as a bot on their computer.

Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes


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/////Jedi Academy Skin///////
Author:  Jedi Murderer

Description:  This is my first skin for JKA.  It is a reskin of kyle giving him a black/red outfit
	and if you have played the *spoliers* dark path in SP mode you'll recognize the taunts/sounds
	included.  The skin includes team colors and bot support.

History:  I've been playing JKA for a while now and I wasn't able to find a skin that I really liked.
	I started taking an interest in player-made skins and soon enough started experimenting with
	skinning myself.  I've always had a soft spot for kyle since I grew up on Dark Forces.  I simply
	gave him a nice black and red outfit to improve his looks, and to make it more original I used
	the sounds from SP when you fight him, since they are more cool and evil-sounding.  I then gave
	him the name Bosskyle since he is a boss version of Kyle.

Installation instructions:  Extract the bosskyle.pk3 file to your base folder (default spot for this is
	C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base)

Contact:  My in-game name in JKA is [RTC]JediMurderer, you can also reach me by email at:

Credits:  Ravensoft and Lucasarts for JKA itself, plus supplying the kyle model and sounds

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