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Bothans, best known for their fur-covered faces, are a loyal species. Family and the clans they are a part of and serve are very important t...


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Bothans, best known for their fur-covered faces, are a loyal species. Family and the clans they are a part of and serve are very important to them. With JA just out, there are many clans forming and some continuing. What a great first player model to receive from the mod community. :)

Jason Fryer, along with many others who he mentions in the readme, created this Bothan Jedi with many different looks. The default skin is what one would expect of a Bothan Jedi, methinks. :) Long flowing robes, a stern look on his face and ornamental adornments in his hair. The team versions of the skin remain obviously Bothan, but both seem to be less, ornate, somehow. And with less fur, or at least, it appears as if there's less fur, it make these version seem almost, younger. The blue skin is hooded. Included also are a female version and another simply called male, though I assume the default and the team skins are also male. The female Bothan is a redhead with a decidedly more feminine body. Really though, the smaller waist is the only feature that differentiates her from the male Bothans.

Yay for the first JA model! I can't wait to see what else Jason Fryer and other modelers come up with. Bot support is included, and as I mentioned before, there are team skins and other hidden skins included. Unfortunately, this uses, I think Kyle sounds. :/ Everything about this model is great, except that. The taunt just really pulled me out of the moment, y'know? So with that said, I look forward to the next version of the Bothan. ;) Great work!

Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: No


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Download '' (7.58MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy


Model:		&quot;Bothan&quot;

Authors:   	Jason Fryer ( ) 	

Special Thanks:		The entire crew of, and everybody who supported me over at  Without your support this model would have died before we even
			All the modelers whom started this project ( BradFu ,sorry parts of the face are all
			that remain of the original model you started but it lives none the less )
			Tzuriel for getting me on this project ,CM_Ronin for intrudicing us
			Finaly KOTOR1 ,and all the kotors for the support and beta testing

Concepts:                Based on a concept of a Bothan Jedi ,but ment to be much more

Additional Notes:

This model has 2 hidden skins that must be bound 1 of them is female to give you a idea of what thsi modle is about 
it is ment to represent the &quot;Bothan race&quot; not jsut one individual.So skinners feel free to chek it out this oen was made 
with you and the ideas of rpg's in mind.
This model comes with a hooded version , a female version , a hood down version ,and a no hood no outer robe version .
But to get to the point , there are limitless combinatiosn of bothans that can be made from this model by minor 
ajustments to the skin text file.


Place this pk3 file from this zip archive into the JKII/gamedata/base/ directory

LOD support - NO

* Copyright / Permissions *
This model, and the textures that came with it are not to be modified
in any way without the permision of it's creators.
The race Bothan is copyright Lucas Arts.

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