BridgeStreet - Team Corellia Location

If you watched the Team Corellia episodes by Kengo, you might recognize this map. It's the bridge where the Rebels go to meet the ... well,...


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If you watched the Team Corellia episodes by Kengo, you might recognize this map. It's the bridge where the Rebels go to meet the ... well, anyway ... it's a decent map for dueling, but the addition of weapons just seems silly. It's a very stylish map. I love the theme. The only thing I found myself wanting was more of the map. The map ended where it just started to get interesting. I wanted to explore more. The bridge is a lovely design and I do like the lighting and the details.

This map is supposed to support not only duel, powerduel and FFA, but also TFFA and CTF. I didn't test out the CTF thing - I'm not quite sure where the flags would be or how that would work - it's such a small map. But it's supposed to support all of those game types. *shrug* In any case, I like this map and it's perfect for a Powerduel, I think.

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Music: No Game Types: Duel, Powerduel, FFA, TFFA, CTF


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14th April 2004				
Map Name                : BridgeStreet - Team Corellia Location 
Author                  : Simon "Kengo" Williams
Email Address           : [email protected]
Website URL             :

Map description: Bridge Street is in a busy district of Coronet, capital of Corellia. The bridge that crosses the river here is of a fairly modern design, although some Corellian archaeologists believe it is built upon far older foundations, that a bridge has stood here for many centuries past. This was the location chosen by Agent Black to assemble the people who would form Team Corellia; The three Republic soldiers Anders, Dalta and Harris; The Jedi Car'Let; The CorSec policeman Lt. Castle; The mercenary Makso; N.R.I. agent Black himself. It was believed to be an easy location to find, sadly it wasn't quite easy enough for Cpl. Anders.

The map is for multiple gametypes. It forms a fairly large arena for Duel and Powerduel (with numerous weapons for a gun based duel), a fairly tight area for FFA or Team FFA, and also a very small CTF map which would I think prove very hectic and turn into a big brawl on the bridge! 

Additional Info: This map was originally used in Team Corellia: Part 1 as one of the locations. Team Corellia is a series of animated shorts created with the same kind of scripting used to make cutscenes within Jedi Academy. The map required some conversion work to make it suitable for MultiPlayer Jedi Academy. The currently completed first two parts of the series can be downloaded from the following locations:

Part 1 - Corellia
by Simon "Kengo" Williams and Lasse "Lassev" Vääriskoski

WMV version avaliable (Required Windows Media Player)

Jedi Academy V1.20 Avaliable

Part 2 - A Place in the Shade

Jedi Academy V1.0 Avaliable

Thanks to: Big thanks to Leslie Judge for loads of help getting it done, teaching me some important MP mapping skills and technical things, Lassev for all his work helping me complete Part 1 of Team Corellia (and for the lamposts in this map!) ,all the rest of the Map-Review guys, Mercenary and anyone else who lent a hand or gave me advice/ideas :)

Software used           : GTKRadiant, Q3Map2 Toolz, IrfanView
Build Time              : Around 15 hours

* How to use this map * 

Unzip the pk3 to the Base folder in your <JA install dir>\Gamedata\base directory, start MP and load the map as usual.

* Copyright / Permissions *

All media copyright of its respective owners.


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