I hesitate to call this a reskin, because it's not. Not technically, anyway. Absolutely no changes that I can find have been made to any of...


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I hesitate to call this a reskin, because it's not. Not technically, anyway. Absolutely no changes that I can find have been made to any of the textures here. In fact, the 'skin' doesn't even use most of them. Instead a wood texture has been applied to the whole armor area and it has the same wood texture applied over that as an environment map, giving it a shiny look. Since the original textures aren't used on the armor, the swamptrooper now lacks a face, which is unfortunate. Honestly I think this would be better if it was based off of the original textures. At least then it would retain some detail rather than being a bronzish blob.

There are a lot of extras included with this, most of which have nothing to do with this mod. Firstly there are the additional shaders, which will add shader detail to Blue Ninja's Dance Club Duel and Factory Room Duel. There is also a similarly-made reskin of the howler, which you can use in SP (see the read-me). There is also team, npc, and bot support.

Team Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes New Sounds: No


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J E D I  K N I G H T  3 :  J E D I  A C A D E M Y
 <<<A Swamptrooper Reskin(sorta)>>>
FILE NAME: BronzeTrooper.pk3
SUMMARY: I applied a shader and new texture to the Swamptrooper to make it shiny and Bronze colored
Release Date: 6-01-07
INSTALLATION: The PK3 file goes into your C:/Program Files/LucasArts/StarwarsJediKnight3/Gamedata/base folder, just like most files!

Description (backround story): An imperial alchemist discovered how to make a lightsaber resistant material that was better than cortosis or phrik metal: Bronzium! It was a mixture of petrified wood from a faraway planet, and a bronze-sih metal alloy. For the imperials' tests, they made the swamptrooper's armour with this new alloy, and after successful plans decided to replace all of the armour with the new alloy. But the Emporer really liked the white armour, so he ordered that it would only replace swamptrooper uniforms (Because they were already green lol). OK, so the story is lame....
This could look like bronze or it could look like liquid lava or something, you decide!


Notes: Hooray! Do you know why I am excited? Becuase just yesterday, I learned how to apply shaders to textures! This is not really a reskin, but I have applied a shader to the swamptrooper model. That is all I have done, but it isn't exactly easy for a first-timer! It is shiny so that when you move around you can see "reflections," thus the look of shiny bronze, or superheated liquid metal if you will. Also note that it does not replace the model, the new one is called bronzetrooper.
AS A BONUS this also replaces the Howler's skin to make it shiny bronze-ish. This is how I tested to see if it would work, because it is just one model and therefore was easy. In SP onl, type in playermodel howler in the console and you can play as it, then type in "iknowkungfu" or its animations won't work right. This is just a little bonus thing, obviously not enough for a file on its own LOL!

If you have downloaded either of my first maps (Factory room Duel/Dance Club) and you download this, you are in luck! Because I released those maps before I could make these shaders, I wasn't able to do cool things like this. Anyway, the metal grip texture that I used in both of those files is in this file along with a shader that makes it shiny and cool looking. So this file has two bonuses!


Important stuff:
Team Support: Yes
Bot Support: Yes
NPC Support: Of course!
New Sounds: No



I got the actual wood texture from this japanese site. They are all free from that page, this is the URL:
I got the metal texture for the 'bonus' shader at

If you wanna use the texture from this just credit the page above, not me. If you wanna use it with the shader, then credit me and the page. Same goes for the metal one. Use them if you want but remember to give credit where credit is due. No permission necessary, unless you are gonna make money off it!


Comments: This is my first skin to release. I was working on this all night, and I was having problems, then I went to bed at 0:50 at night, then tried again this morning, and realized I messed up in the npc file LOL! BTW the map the screenshots were taken in is a map of my house, which is unfinished, and will be released soon.

There is team support but the red team one is really bright red, but is still shiny of course, but the armour looks burning hot! The blue team looks a little bit purple, but it looks cool.


Bugs: I hope not :(


NPC info: 
To play as bronzetrooper on playerteam player in SP type in "Playermodel bronzetrooper2"
Playerteam enemy is just bronzetrooper. I have added the repeater to their arsenal, and HP is 500, however he is fully dismemberable, for realism.



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