Brotherhood of Steel Skin (v2)



CyberX got a decent rating for his Brotherhood of Steel skinpack for JK2, though I didn't quite agree with the masses (er, 11 people who voted). This version is for Jedi Academy and though the author calls it a skin pack, it is just one skin with team support. Nothing has changed about the default skin that I can tell. It's still the Exar Kun model and CyberX sticks with the Fallout theme.

Thankfully, the creator did include bot support and team support for his Jedi Academy version. Though the team skins are nothing more than red and blue versions of the default. There are new sounds with this skin, but I don't recall them working in-game. Y'know, that's happening a lot with JA skins for me ... I wonder if the problem is on my side. Hmm. Well, if you guys download this skin, let me know if the taunts work for you.

Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes




== File Info ===========================================================

Title                   : Brotherhood of Steel Skinpack v2
Game			: Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Filename                : BOS_JA.pk3
Author                  : CyberX
E-Mail Address          : [email protected]
Website                 : My JK2 skin page (under development, in polish and english) - 

Description		: 

This is and update, for my skin submited a long time ago to JK2Files, it was for JK2, and the main things missing where lack of bot support, or team colors. This update improved:

- Team Support
- Shaders (For Basic, Team, And Special skins)
- Bot support
- New Sounds

So, that's about all that was missing and i tried to make'em better. I'm currently working on an update to my Brotherhood of Steel Enviromental Armour update (It's also for JK2, and on JK2Files.) so i'll probably post it along with another (third) update of my Vault Dweller pack (JK2, JK2Files :P)

This is a reskin of SithLordIIs excellent ExarKun model that can be downloaded at 
http://jk2files.com (and at all the other great JK2 and JKA file sites); 

Programs used           : Adobe Photoshop 7, Paint, Notepad

Thanks to               : SithlordII for making the Exar Kun great model and to all of you 
			  who will download this skinpack. Amo

* Installation *

Unzip the file "BOD?JA.pk3" into the GameData\Base\ directory of wherever you installed Jedi Academy.
Then go into the game and select the skin from the Player Setup Menu.


!!! Important !!!

!!If you had the Brotherhood of Steel skinpack in the previous version delete it!!

* Notes *

The Zip file doesn't have the "bos_sp.pk3" file wich changed kyle to my bos/bos model..

To activate the 2 other skins type in the console ( ~ and SHIFT ) following lines

"model bos/bos"
"model bos/bos2"


* Coming next *

- Fallouts Power Armour for JKA
- Brotherhood Of Stell Enviromental Armour v3 for JKA
- Vault Dweller Pack for JKA

If you have ANY Fallouts skin request send it to me (it would be good if you attach a screen of 
it, or some artwork) by e-mail to [email protected]


Feel free to distribute this skin in any format but you MUST include this file. 
If you wish to include it in a skinpack or a level, that's fine, but please drop me a note & let 
me know what the skinpack is and where it's being hosted.


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