Bryar Replacement Mod

Kyle Katarn fans, rejoice! This simple mod switches the DL-44 for a Bryar pistol. There's actually 2 .pk3s in the pack, each making the pis...


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File Description

Kyle Katarn fans, rejoice! This simple mod switches the DL-44 for a Bryar pistol. There's actually 2 .pk3s in the pack, each making the pistol shoot different-coloured blaster shots, red or yellow.

I'm not a JK and JO fanatic, so I actually prefer the red version over the yellow one. However you might want to try both to see which fits you best.

Download this if you want a change, have a poster of Kyle Katarn above your bed or if you just plain like the gun. It does what it's supposed to do, so it's only the matter of personal preference now.


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Readme - Bryar Replacement Mod
Author: Kaidon Refk
Date Started: 6/13/05
Date Finished: 6/14/05
Type: Modification
Okay, This mod is very simple. It replaces the DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol, as cool as it is, with the Modified Bryar Blaster Pistol. It's for people who want to use the Bryar without cheats or being ammerc'd and having the blaster fire emite from your crotch or other mid-lower body region,depending on model height. This works in both MP and SP, and I altered the effects to give it a red Laser, but included a yellow laser version too, for those who want it :P. Anyway,I also altered the strings files to change the description of it in singleplayer,and the text under the icon in Multiplayer. I also swaped the icon in for the bryar's. ^_^Anyway, That's my mod,if ya don't want it,don't download it,and don't flame me for posting this 'bcuz u tink teh brier is geyh nd dl44 r0x0rz'. Enjoy.

To Ravensoft and Lucasarts for creating the game, and the Bryar pistol model, and effects.

Just put ONE of the files in your Gamedata/Base folder. Default C:\Program Files\Lucas arts\Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\ Gamedata\ Base

Included in the .zip are two files: bryar-yellow.pk3 and bryar-red.pk3 Chose yellow if you want yellow beams like on the bryar in JK2, or put bryar-red.pk3 in base if you want the red beams:).

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