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Well, here we have a map from Kessno. I believe this is his first map released here on JK3Files :) The map itself I believe is also part of...


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Well, here we have a map from Kessno. I believe this is his first map released here on JK3Files :) The map itself I believe is also part of a competition over at

First of all, the size of the map isn’t too bad, the outside areas are a bit small, but they are still big enough to have a good duel in :)

Inside is much bigger, as there are many corridors and hallways. There are also many doors, but unfortunately they don’t open :( If you make a v2, it would be cool to put some offices in there or something :)

The texturing is good, there isn’t loads of patterned textures all over the place that hurt your eyes after a while. The texturing is clean and simple. It is however a little bit plain in some places, like the stairways. It could have done with a bit more variety in textures there, and maybe some more decoration on the walls, like maybe some advertisements or something. Or maybe some light textures, as the light in the hallways didn’t seem to be coming from any actual light fitting :/

I did like the lights in the hallways though, the way they are set into the pillar type things and have some reflective glass over the top looks quite cool :)

I especially liked the overhead walkways in the outside area as well, they looked very nice architecturally.

A few things that could be improved upon; in the main area, the floor has some weird shadows on it, I suspect this has been caused because you used a texture with a phong shader attatched to I, although I might be wrong. A phong texture smooths out the shadows on the object to which it is applied. If the surface to which it is applied has been clipped up into too many pieces, the phong texture can sometimes throw out weird looking shadows :/ Most textures with phong shaders attatched them have _phong on the end of the texture name, so always make sure to look out for ones that don’t have _phong on the end. Unless of course you specifically need a phong shader for something :)

Inside, the walls could maybe do with a few pipes or strip lights adding perhaps, just for some extra detailing.

But besides that a good map here! So well done to Kessno :) I think this map has really captured the atmosphere of a Buisiness area with maybe some wearhouses nearby. The sorta thing you might see on Corellia perhaps. I hope to see a v2 of this! ;)

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA


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Download '' (742KB)

        Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
        TITLE: Business District
        AUTHOR: Kessno11
        E-MAIL: N/A
        WEBSITE: N/A

        FILENAME: business_district.pk3
        FILESIZE: 758 kb's
        DATE RELEASED: 12 15 2005

        CREDITS: SMoKE, Thanks for making the botroutes, and beta testing. EwokMercenaryForHire, for mapping support thanks m8! And the community at the Map-Review Forum.

        INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Just place the pk3 in your base folder, and run from the mp menu.

        DESCRIPTION: An Urban Office Building set in rainy weather. Built for the Map-Review "Theme Fusion" Contest. 

        BUGS: None known

        COMMENTS: I didn't get to put in quite as many areas as I had planned, but there always is room for version 2. ;)
                  Merry Xmas!


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