Byss Outpost

The only thing I didn't like about this map was that it didn't have any custom textures. Pretty much everything else was spot on -The lift,...


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The only thing I didn't like about this map was that it didn't have any custom textures. Pretty much everything else was spot on -The lift, the architecture,everything :) Now, i spawned into what i think is the main area. It's a medium-sized room split up into 4 segments, with a lift goping down in the middle. Its very well made and my FPS was very good (even with 6xS antialiasing) I just really dislike the textures in this area - It all looks too similar. However, this is only my personal take on the textures, and I'm not gonna say its a bad map just becaquse I have grudges against base textures :p. Anyway, this area is set in a space-station kind of place, with energy shields barring you from the dangerous blackness.

Now, I would have been disappointed if this was all the map had, but fortunately,there's a lot more.In the middle of this floor there was a platform. No button pressing was necessary,all I had to do was stand on it and off it went. The cool part about this was that the ceiling closed in behind me like one of those typical'Star Wars' doors and when i reached the bottom, the 4 doors there automatically opened. Very Impressive :) So I had found another floor to take a look at. This was shaped like a cross, and there were 4 shortish corridors to go down, each with a teleporter at the end, As usual, the architecture was amazing and looked totally professional.I tried each teleporter in turn. I was a bit disappointed that there was only this one route to each area, as it falters the flow of the map a little, and makes it a little stressful to get between areas.

So, what did I find? Well, there were definetely themes to these areas - One was a desert-Tatooine kind of duel area,(complete with Rancors) the second was an icey-hoth kind of place,(complete with Taun-Tauns) the third was a grassy-Yavin area, and the final area I visited was the bespin-spaceport typed area, (complete with X-Wing and Millenium Falcon) :D All of these were well designed and easy to play in, although they all have very large flat areas with nothing in particular there, I can see this is for easy fighting and dueling, and not because the author couldn't be bothered.

There are no new sounds, which means I'm stuck with some boring Star Wars music :r and No new textures, which I've already mentioned, but the map is botrouted so you can play on your own if you dont fancy all this online stuff :) Overall its a VERY well designed map with some very cool features, great FPS and, only put down a little by the lack of custom textures, no new music and the lack of quick access to every area.

New Textures: No New Sounds: No Bot Support: Yes

~Szico VII~

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Byss Outpost

Mapped by Roshi

AOL:           nationalbisector


Byss Outpost is a multi-themed FFA/TFFA map for Jedi Academy. The main portion of the map is a Byss themed space station. This portion of the map contains bot routing. Going downstairs via elevator leads you to 4 teleporters linked to different themed arenas. The included arenas are:

Bespin duel arena
Desert rancor arena
Yavin duel arena
Hoth tauntaun joust arena

Supported gametypes:     FFA, TFFA
Bot routing:             yes


Note: All textures in this map are base JA. If you experience missing textures, you have either deleted textures in your base folder, or downloaded maps containing custom textures that overwrite base JA textures.

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