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Macman brings us an update to his first C3PO model. And a nice one at that. While I myself expected the normal old reskin when I was testing...


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Macman brings us an update to his first C3PO model. And a nice one at that. While I myself expected the normal old reskin when I was testing the file, I was quite amazed that it looked as good as it did.

Admit it, it’s a bit disappointing when Raven just decides to not implement a C3PO into JKA. However, the model was boned and weighted, and now skinned. It looks great! The model is VERY detailed, down to the wires in the shoulder blades. It has a few dents and rusts spots to make it look all the more realistic.

In addition, the model also has team support. Red team has a rusted version of our favorite little droid, and blue team gets a silver version. The default is the normal gold one, which also turned out quite nicely. The addition of team support is usually enough to make a skin or model worth it, but wait, there’s more!

Macman has also fixed a missing leg glitch in his original! No longer do we need to watch a suffering C3PO limping along with one leg. ;)

The skin ALSO comes with bot support. That’s right folks, you can pulverize the poor little thing as much as you want, and it can’t do anything about it! ;) This is a nice little extra for the 56kers that still want to get the full star wars experience without connecting to a server. But that’s not all!

Macman ALSO provided us with some nice extra sounds. The small little touch of an “oh don’t you get technical with me,” or an “oh thank goodness I’m alright,” seems to be more than enough to add to the entertainment, and make it really feel like C3PO. Trust me guys, if you want a ‘3PO model, this is the one to get. Nice job, Macman!

Team Skins: Yes! Bot Support: Yes! New Sounds: YES!


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Download 'c3pomacman.zip' (589KB)

C3PO skin by Macman of the clan O³ (Ozone).


This skin includes three different versions of C3PO, including a gold, 
silver, and rust version. To change which version you want to use, 
choose Default team for gold, Blue team for silver, and Red team for 
rust.This skin also has bot support, though as I did not implement this, 
I am not sure how well it works, thought I have tested it and you 
can use this skin as a bot. 
(This skin is different than the ingame version,
because the in-game version does not have the correct 
bone structure in the .glm file)

---Installation Insctructions--- 

To install this skin, 
simply put the file C3PO-Macman.pk3 in your GameData/Base folder.


Special thanks to walnut for supplying the required .glm file needed,
because the in-game glm does not have the right bone structure.

Macman is not responsable for any harm 
this skin may cause you, or any of your belongings, e.g. 
your computer blowing up. You may not distribute this file, copy, 
or take credit for this file without sole written permission from
the author.

[email protected]

Go here to see my movie:

-Fixed head displaying wrong on gold and silver verison.

-Updated file to fix bug where bottom half of right leg wasn't 
displaying on the rust version of the skin.

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