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Well, here we have the next version in the Dark Force mod series, and this one is called The Cai Chien Wo Te Ai Ren. I won't bore you with...


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Well, here we have the next version in the Dark Force mod series, and this one is called The Cai Chien Wo Te Ai Ren. I won't bore you with another review of this mod, since it just adds on to the previous mods, so here are some reviews of the previous versions.

Love Path (v.11) review and Glory of the Sith (v.16) review

All I'm going to do is tell you what changes have been wrought in this version, quoted from the readme.

Dark Force Mod v.23 update

1. SP Style Jetpack! Flying as fast and smoother as singleplayer game with jetpack, The movement command still the same with some modification : To start jetpack : press jump and button use To fly around : press arrow button in direction To fly up : press jump To fly down : press crouch To stop jetpack : press button use * adding boba_fett jetpack sound + animation.

2. Heavy Melee enabled! This was for siege combat (chewbacca fist), but now you will get it in normal game. Heavy melee is a claw-punch weapon that does dismemberment and can destroy wall on siege. This heavy melee replace the normal melee you got. (adding claw :-)

3. Miscellanous -You get all weapon + inventory when spawn (to test out your new jetpack :-) -Sniper mode with binoculars : previously you can zoom in with disruptor to aim the target, now you can aim your target with non disruptor by using binoculars when targeting the enemy, as i have increasing the binocular zoom :-) -Smoother force offense (grip/drain/lightning) transition animation while holding non-saber -Unlimited jetpack flying time (i was want to give 999 fuel, but then why bother? just give it unlimited :-) -Unlimited saber throw range (i need this to attack far away enemy :-) -Fixed bug in v.22 that makes force push level 4 are slower than level 3, in this DF mod v.23 we fixed it. -Real flying mode for force jump level 4 (quad mode) : whenever you press jump, either in falling accidentally or releasing jump button in the air, you will re-jump (flying again). -Hacked turret G2 turbo, turret is weapon owned by map itself, like you can find on siege hoth. Now you can deflect that nasty weapon with your saber or ignore it with notarget command. -One hit kill cheat for people in Undying mode (10 times more damage, either in force or weapon attack) -No falling to death for human! Because you already have FREE jetpack! so if you falling and stuck, just use the jetpack to flying to the top of the combat arena. (seems fair :-) -Fixed some minor bug (movement, animation, etc. (not so important, but i do care about quality!) .

While some might find this mod fun, others may not like it. When I reviewed Love Path I found it to be fun, but that was me. Download if you liked the other versions. :)


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TITLE 			: Cai Chien Wo Te Ai Ren (Dark Force Mod v.23)

== File Details ==

Category		: Jedi Academy Multiplayer MOD
Release Date		: 19 October, 2006	
Requirement 		: Jedi Academy Patch 1.01
Developer		: Henry Christianto
Website			:
Email			:

== Development Credits ==
Microsoft Corporation	: Code compiler, Microsoft Visual C++.NET 2005

== Installation ==

1. Delete the previous dark force mod if you installing one.
2. Put the henry.pk3 file in your \Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base folder.

== Troubleshooting ==

1. If you do not see the message "Reading Mod..." when starting the game, ensure that the file 
   "henry.pk3" is located in your installation's "GameData\base" folder.
2. If the game crash when starting, ensure that you already install the Jedi Academy Patch 1.01
3. If any feature listed in this readme file are not working, clean up your base folder from 
   any other mod to remove interference. (this mod only compatible with original game assets)
== MOD Description ==

1. Author Note about DFM v.23
If there is no more problem/bug, this will be the final version of Dark Force Mod.
I think DF mod already achieved what it subject to be done, so there is no more update necessary.
All the feature i create already fullfill what i want to do with this mod. 
Thanks for using dark force mod.

2. Introduction
Originally this is cheat mod (for people who love cheat like me :-) and for debugging purpose for myself. 
It's name (dark force) indicated an advantage of being dark jedi (yet even depends your skill)
With dark force mod, player are able to mastery both the Light and Dark Side of the Force and combine them
in one profile. (using force selection menu)
Cheats are most of the highlighted feature, by giving player ability to boost their force to level 4, and several
unarguably powerfull weapon and command.
An extraordinary swordsman, is the experiences that player will get. (foremost battlemaster againts bot and npc)

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