Well here we have quite an interesting map, based on, or at least inspired by a game called [url=


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Well here we have quite an interesting map, based on, or at least inspired by a game called Zone of the Enders. Since I don’t really know anything about this game though, I might be at a little bit of a disadvantage. However, it seems from reading the Wikipedia article that this map represents Callisto, the moon of Jupiter, which seems to feature in the Zone of the Enders series.

This is a cool looking duel map, quite literally, as it is snowing and very foggy. There is a central area, with a small entrance way to what might be a base, and also a good sized landing platform, which a Z-95 takes off from, leaving you with a good area for duelling. If you do some jumping around, you will be able to get past this central area, over the small hills and into the surrounding terrain, which provides an interesting area to duel in due to the cramped conditions and uneven terrain. There is some new music with this map, which I presume to be from the Zone of the Enders soundtrack, and though it sounds unusual at first, personally I think it does fit quite well with the map.

There are some things that need to be improved upon however. Mainly I feel the map could do with a bit more detailing and also that the terrain around the central area should be slightly larger and more accessible for duelling. The main problem though is the sky. Whilst the skybox looks fantastic, the fog in the map is only applied to the objects in the map, which means it doesn’t actually cover the skybox. This means that the sky is very clear and visible, whilst the bulk of the map is very foggy and difficult to see. I have encountered this problem quite a few times before myself and haven’t yet figured out a way to get the fog to apply to the skybox as well as the rest of the map. Personally I would suggest making a new skybox with more of a misty / foggy sky, then it will blend better with the fog used in the map.

Other than that, this is a good medium sized duel map, and it certainly fits with the time of year! Thankfully though it is not quite as cold on Earth as it is on Callisto, otherwise we would all be frozen solid! :P

Make sure to give this map a download if you like the look of it! :)

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Music: Yes Bot Routes: Yes Game Types: Duel, Power Duel


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Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Callisto 
AUTHOR: Darth Stevenus

FILENAME: Callisto.pk3 
DATE RELEASED: 23rd of December 2008 


New Textures    	: Yes
New Sounds	: Yes, but just one
New Music	: Yes (from Final Fantasy X)
Bot Support	: Yes
Software used     	: GTK Radiant 1.4, BehaveEd, Photoshop Elements 2.0, Terragen v0.9, Easygen v1.42
Build Time        	: A couple of days

CREDITS: Thanks to the creators of the Zone of the Enders series, where I got the idea for this map. Also thanks again to mslaf for letting other mappers use the textures from his fearis incident map. And thanks to Inyri Forge for his Kotor Map Objects, download them here:;77747

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Extract the callisto.pk3 file into your ...JK3GameDatabase directory. 

DESCRIPTION: A medium sized, outdoor, Hoth-like duel and powerduel map.    

BUGS: None that I know of.  

ATTENTION: Anything I made for this map (including custom textures, shaders, skyboxes) CAN be used by anyone as long as the appropriate credit is given to me (and mslaf if you use his textures, or Inyri Forge if you use his models) in their README. 


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