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This skin more or less goes along the same lines as the dark creature skin posted recently , the author took a single camoflauge texture...


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This skin more or less goes along the same lines as the dark creature skin posted recently , the author took a single camoflauge texture and pasted it all over the jedi skin , the only parts spared were the boots ,head . Although the author has included the icon in the pack it doesnt show up in the list i had have to type in the command to use this skin. it comes with npc support and has both the dark and light versions of the skin.not nuch else to talk about .

bot support: no team support: yes new sounds: no npc support: yes

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Skin Name	: Camo Sniper
Author		: Jonathan Pipe
Email Address	:

Skin description:

This skin was created one day when I installed a Paintshop Pro Trial and was messing about with textures.
Let me set the scene for you; I was playing the Rodian Hunting Grounds Map (created by Chairwalker) one day and decided that I wanted to disguise myself when crouching and using the Disruptor (Sniper). So I typed \model swamptrooper in the consolde (lazy as I am to go into the profiles menu.
	I then crouched and saw that I stuck out like a sore thumb, very annoyed, I decided to make a skin of the model. I extracted the
Junglefloor texture from the .pk3 and proceeded to apply the texture to the skin files (not the .skin files the .jpg). I compiled it as a pk3 and
added it to my base file. Didn't look any better, too bulky so it stood out when hiding behind the 'lumps' of grass. I then decided to use the Jedi 'red' model with a new texture. Terrible, even worse than the swamptrooper. No matter how much I tried to make myself submit it I couldn't
do that evil deed. I then used the original 'junglefloor.jpg' texture. I believe that this skin is useful for FFA/TFFA servers that require you to
download required files ;). It'll be for those who don't like confrontation in battle and will also prove a challenge for those who like to seek out
snipers for the sake of a team.

_Installation Instructions_
	Extract 'camo-sniper.pk3' to you base folder (or mod folder). Once in game type "\model jedi/camo" in the console (without the speech
marks of course).

	Feel free to use this mod, in other words you do not need my permission. As it's a skin I do not wish to receive any credit, all I did was
apply a texture so I don't beleive I deserve any.

There is NPC support for those who wish to 'team up' in Single Player.
Type	npc spawn camo_sniper in the console in Single player for an ally that will follow you.
Type	npc spawn camo_sniper-evil in the console in Single player for an enemy that will remain stationary.

There is an Icon for the camo Jedi, it's basically the Jedi Icon with Camouflage written across, I didn't get a chance to test if this worked or not :S.


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