Camo Soldiers

Wow, this is a blast from the past. Camo soldiers... camo soldiers... er... 2006? Maybe? Let's see.... * Kouen scuttles off to find the f...


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File Description

Wow, this is a blast from the past. Camo soldiers... camo soldiers... er... 2006? Maybe? Let's see....

* Kouen scuttles off to find the file.

Ah, here we are. Christ, the back room is a mess, we oughtta clean up in there. Hah, I was right! September '06. Wow.

Well, this is a skin of the cultist model to be a 'Camo Soldier'. It's basically a cultist with a couple of camouflage textures slapped on him with a monochromatic hood, where the colors change depending on if it's the blue or red team skin.

The biggest thing that could have been done is that the author could have aligned the textures so that they don't look pasted on. He also could have made it look like the model was wearing clothes, instead of just a guy walking around with camouflage skin. The other thing is that the author could have not made the head on the skin monochromatic. I mean, how bad does it look if you have a grey hood and regular eyes looking out? It just looks unnatural. So the biggest thing that the author could have done is do a little research for this skin, and then make it look somewhat real. Now if this wasn't supposed to look good or real, then my apologies.

A note to the author: Do not include the _humanoid folder in your file, it adds unneeded soze to your file, it annoys us, and it will be removed anyways. Oh, and you don't need to include Raven sounds if they're already in the game. Just point your sounds.cfg file to them.


Compared to what we got last time, this version is a vast improvement. We're still a ways off from total realism, but the cartoony aspect is mostly gone in favour of more realistic camo patterning. For cultist reskins, these guys do look rather militaristic. Or should I say they look more like guerrilla insurgents? Cultist outfits aren't exactly US Army standard issue....

Some nice little details have been added in addition to the brand new patterning - yeah, it's all new - such as various belts and bandoliers and small uniform details. The boots have also been improved. Overall a nice addition to anyone's arsenal of skins. And this final update makes certain of that, yes sir it sure does.

~ Kouen

Bot Profiles:[b] No [b]NPC Profiles: Yes Custom Audio: No Team Support: Yes

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Title: Camo Soldiers
Autor: Cloud

Filename: Soldiers_final.pk3
Filesize: 1.77 MB
Bot Support: Yes
New Sounds: No
New Model: No
Npc: Yes
Credits: All done by me

Iinstallation Instructions: Unzip into your Jedi Academy Base Directory

Description: Well, this is the final version to the camo soldiers. I made this cause I saw the lack of result in the other two versions, and so I decided making a good, hope you like it :)

Bugs: None that I know
Modifies: More details, and the camouflage has been better made and more realistic. Enjoy!


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