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For those of you who recall playing Tatooine Nights v2, or track Lady Forge's every waking move, you may recall a premiere of some of her st...


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For those of you who recall playing Tatooine Nights v2, or track Lady Forge's every waking move, you may recall a premiere of some of her strange cantina musical instruments from the Star Wars Universe. Well, guess what: Now they're available for the masses =_=.

Because virtually every one of these instruments has an incredibly goofy and ridiculous name, I will refrain from naming them except this particular time; enclosed in this pack are the following:

- nalargon - ommni box - fanfar - slitherhorn - chidinkalu horn.

¬_¬ Now then, proceeding onward, the three wind instruments enclosed in this pack(which should be the last three on the list) have a leaning and upright version added to them. What I'm most disappointed in is the strange keyboard looking "Nalargon" instrument, because it lacks hydraulic systems and a flamethrower firing out of the horn. After all, what kind of concert could you have without them? Also, how does one even play the box like one? Do you just twang the stick on the top, or do you spin it like a top? Perhaps one pushes the stick in to play a pre-recorded melody? These instruments confuse and infuriate Averus greatly =_O+!

Well then, now that my piece has been said, I will cease speaking after I speakth the customary two words: SUBMIT BANDWIDTH =_=

- Averus Retruthan

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Cantina Map Objects
AUTHOR: Inyri Forge

CREDITS: Credits always to LucasArts. This should cover both Jedi Academy and SWGalaxies. Also credits to Ayala, who first requested these models.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: These models are meant only to be used for mapping; they are in PK3 format for convenience only. Putting the PK3 in your base folder will not result in anything. To use, extract the contents and place them on your hard drive with the other map objects you use during mapping. You may then import them into your map.

DESCRIPTION: This pack contains five map objects, all of which are instruments seen throughout the Star Wars Universe. SWG players will recognize these as instruments from the game, however they are also prominently displayed in film and other EU sources. The nalargon in particular is a mixture of canon and SWG styles. All wind instruments include a straight up and down version, and a leaning version.

BUGS / COMMENTS: These map objects may need to be resized. To do this, add a modelscale tag to your map object entity properties. I have included an image to show you what it looks like. The .5 means 50% so you will have to play around with that value until the object is of an appropriate size. For those curious, I may make future packs as well that aren't focused solely on instruments. If you have ideas for helpful Star Wars themed map objects you think should or need to be made, just let me know.

These map objects are featured in Ayala's map Tatooine Nights v2 (;80549). Feel free to check them out in action there! I would like to mention, though, that I've slightly modified them since then. They now use PNG textures rather than TGA, to maintain high texture quality, but at a reduced file size.

DISCLAIMER: You may (and are encouraged to) use these map objects in any map you wish to create. Please include proper credits for the models, and include this read-me, unaltered, within your archive. I would also ask that you include a link to where you found the map objects, so that other mappers can find and use them as well.


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